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If Only We Could Find a Few Flat Surfaces

April 16, 2012

Living in the Homeland is at times, not all that much different from living in Otto Binder’s Bizarro World.

In Otto’s world, down was up and Democrats were actually liberal.  In today’s Bizarro Homeland – abundant flat surfaces for producing an unlimited amount of solar power…are nowhere to be found.

When some enterprising smart-ass points out that most buildings are covered by what some experts describe as roofs…we are told that nuclear power is safer.  When the inevitable next smart-ass comes along and points out that das Homeland is littered with 1000’s of flat, Autobahn-like highway miles…we are reminded that solar power is really expensive – misspelled phreedom isn’t free and or coal is better for the environment than those…shiny salmon-saving panels that rest comfortably on the flat surfaces of socialism…

Or something.

If only we could find a few flat surfaces.

If only the Democrat’s awesome wars weren’t so liberal…and ignored.  Then perhaps the Teabaggers could wage wars against something better than the uterus, man love, or our somewhat fresh and clean – Fukushima’d air.

How bizarre.

  1. April 17, 2012 08:27

    Well done. Through and through.


    • April 17, 2012 12:35

      Thanks Wheelbarrow Mechanic. I’ll be hanging around your space on the nets as well…



  2. barman permalink
    April 18, 2012 15:53

    yeah, this summarizes well…
    with our failure to be vigilant, maybe we earned us some mitt, in a bizzaro sort of way


    • April 18, 2012 18:30

      Flat surfaces abound! Vigilance…not so much.
      You know barman, in my own twisted way, I’m thinking Mitt would give me an endless stream of stuff to write/make fun about. The long underwear? Oh man…endless…

      Good to hear from you man, thanks.



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