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The Meandering Path of Little or No Resistance

May 30, 2012

Meandering paths lead somewhere.  Of this we can be certain.  Depending on which side of the path we meander on, similar policies of never-ending war profiteering for Lockheed Martin…either makes us happy, or it makes us fear the similar policies of the other party.

Jamie Dimon finds our different sides of the same path traveled…quite humorous.  Your neighbor on the other hand, thinks you’re a dirty Marxist/Communist liberal – who given the chance, would probably sell meth disguised as a young Irish lad in tight shorts…to the Pope.

As you should imagine, we’re a meandering mess of path walkers…strung out on misspelled mad cow phreedum – washed down by shitty beer.

On a brighter note…the San Onofre Nuclear power plant is nowhere near Hanford, yet the sun still shines freely – on all of the Homeland’s not yet power-producing — billions of flat-like surfaces.

Meandering paths and what-not.

Like the unexplained explosion in cancer rates, chemical apples and dead oceans, someone has to pay for what we don’t want to know.  So why not spend billions on a strategically stationed Homeland Army, and then strategically place them in places where the Pashto Speakers resemble the Makah…and the Makah resemble the Spanish Speakers.

Stranger things have happened.  Like Constitutionally protected kill lists of vagueness.   You don’t want to be palling around with those vague humans.  Nor should you be listening to crazy humans like Roy Moore, who just so happens to inflict the law.

Crazier things have happened…

I know fears Ralph Nader’s Florida, more than the defense industries plans for profit in Asia…but this is why God made Barney Frank.

Barney distracts some of us from the insane rantings of a Baptist Pastor in Kansas, so that the rest of us, will continue to ignore the never-ending war profiteering by Lockheed Martin.

The meandering path of little or no resistance.
Didn’t George Carlin warn us about something like this?

I’m off for a hike!  I’ll be blazing my own path through virgin-like sensitive lands…untouched by man’s boot or Starbucks!

The mercury, PCB, dioxin and flame retardant filled remote lake I’ll be bathing in?  Yeah, sorry about that.  I blame Newt Gingrich for this too.

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