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Phreedom’s Cheeks

April 17, 2012

Pee Wee Herman once told Francis to: ‘Go ahead and scream your head off! We’re MILES from where anyone can hear you!

President Bush once rejoiced in how quickly we were able to spread the cheeks of phreedom in Iraq when he said: ‘Earlier today, 15 months after the liberation of Iraq and two days ahead of schedule, the world witnessed the arrival of a free and sovereign Iraqi government.

Just the other day, President Obama reminded us of our manners, as he pondered whether or not his Secret Service detail used condoms – during their Presidential pre-insertion safety operation in Colombia:  “We’re representing the United States … when we travel to other countries,” Obama said. He expects members of the U.S. delegation to reflect “the highest standards,” he said, because “we’re here on behalf of our people.”  (Think phreedom’s cheeks.)

Aaaannnddd then he blew up some more brown-skinned kids who live near oil, poppies and or pipeline routes.

I think Pee Wee was just trying to warn Francis and the world…of worse things to come.

Be vigilant – tiny nations with ill-equipped armies…for we’re all about spreading phreedom’s! cheeks of hypocrisy.  And by hypocrisy…I think you know what that means for you and yours.

Thumbs up everybody!

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