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Axl’s Democracy

May 16, 2012

Axl Rose’s Democracy is a wonderful thing…until it murders you with the goodness of a Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Our Homeland democracy-band only works when we all go along with Axl’s demands. The Vigilant Lens – 2012.

Hillary has her MEK and Norm Dicks has his Tali-alQaedaban.
The Pentagon has its 600 million dollar…per useless plane
you go to prison for smoking a stinky weed.

As our despots, dictators and generals go – so goes another Bushesque Obama – corporate Executive Order.

Yemen is to Mexico as Vietghanistan, Libya and Boeing are to Iran.
Lockheed Martin is to profit
as a million dead humans are to Iraq.

Detroit was to the middle class – as Detroit is now to the middle class.
Sleight of hand – wishful thinking and lies…

Chrysler and GM lobbyists know that flat surfaces have been tamed.
The sun and the wind’s lobbyists?
They sure do suck.

The War Criminal Bush said just yesterday: “These are extraordinary times in the history of phreedom
That’s misspelled democracy
Axl Rose run amok.

Running with the devil is like dancing with Mr. Brownstone.
Sammy Hagar has some tequila
David Lee Roth is still kicking like it’s 1978.

Axl’s Democracy in action
if you wait for Diane Sawyer to tell you about it
all you’ll get is crazy fascism – via Scott Weiland.

Tune in next time, and see how I connect Ozzy to the ever
expanding Cuban threat…

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