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Thanks for the Brioche Janet

January 12, 2012

Real men piss on the bodies of those they’ve just killed, because Saddam flew the jets on 9/11, then mailed some anthrax to the Army for distribution…all the while colluding with Iran and al Qaeda, so that Bank of America could foreclose upon millions of Patriot Acted peoples homes.

Imagine the day when the Bush twins, Malia, Sasha and George Nethercutt “get it”.

The chances of George Nethercutt understanding anything not spoon fed to him from K Street…are about as real as the liberal motives behind President Obama’s Bush.  And George…stop piggybacking on my words.  Debra Wilde and I know what’s best for the Inlander…and you’re definitely it.

Liberal politicians, George, are as real as the corporate dollars they enjoy.  President Obama has already raised almost $70 million dollars to combat against the best Mormon that the Koch Brothers could buy.

As the suits at Northrop Grumman like to say, go get em’ George! Hence your monthly articles.  Which is funny, because the suits at Citigroup and Lockheed Martin are also cheering for Obama.  Hence his next
four years.

All this same samness sure is different!

The upcoming war with Iran, will look much the same as Obama’s wars with any brown-skinned humans who currently live near oil.

That doesn’t seem all Lilly-liberally to me, but we have to remember who Nethercutt and Obama genuflect to…and the Koch Brothers two do not resemble God.

Or do they?

The terror that we are spreading in Iran, Yemen, Mexico, Chicago and any of the Stans…keeps we the Patriot Acted from acting.  We welcome being NDAA’d and SOPA’d…just as long as it’s right after we’ve finished Tebowing something at the mall.

The trouble with Tribbles, Mr. Nethercutt, is that they reproduce like the Teabagging bunnies in Medical Lake.  The trouble with you, George, is that Obama is so far and above the better Bush, you just can’t believe that he’s black.

Liberal politicians do not exist…Mr. Nethercutt.  Like term limits, they are a figment of Raytheon’s imagination.

You see George, I’m a little bit like the Spokane Police Department.  First they ignore you, then they beat you in the head with an ironwood baton, then they sit on you until you suffocate and die…all for wanting a Pepsi and a candy bar.  Actually, most humans are nothing like that.  So I lied.  Which makes me more like you and the President…

If it helps, George, perhaps you can talk with a psycho CIA psychologist in Airway Heights, and tell em’ Sherman Alexie sent you.  Then why not do something constructive, like read about Carl Maxey in the very same outlet your crap is in.

Now if you’ll excuse me, Janet Napolitano just sent me some brioche.  She is so on to my love of bread!

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