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Within Half a Degree of Kevin’s Bacon

January 11, 2012

Everything that has ever existed in this quadrant of the known universe, was at one time or another…only separated from Kevin Bacon by a couple of degrees.  I may not know spit about Kevin’s bacon, but I do know that we’d rather assassinate Iranian scientists, than admit that our Xbox’s of freedom are based on a yet to be finished, historical fiction piece…plagiarized by Janet Napolitano.

Oh the lengths that China will go, just to keep us busy stockpiling duct-tape and plastic sheeting!

Kevin’s bacon reminds me of the Cliff Poncier in my head.  Which by the way, is today’s VLens segue of the day!

Cliff knew Kevin’s wife, Kyra Sedgwick, back when Kevin was making A Few Good Men.  I don’t think that Tom Cruise knew Cliff Poncier, but I’m certain that Matt Dillion knew Tom – when Tom was playing Steve Randle.  No one bought Tom as Steve Randle, but everyone bought him as ‘Maverick’. Which speaks volumes about us…

So now that we’re clear about Cliff Poncier’s connection to Tom Cruise…it’s probably time that someone looked into Kim Jong-un’s degree of separation from Stanley McChrystal, and how it might relate to Krya Sedgwick.

Kim Jong’s-un likes to pose for photos while pointing at things just off camera, while General McChrystal will work for Siemens.  I really don’t care what Stanley will do for Siemens – but Rick Santorum does.  Rick cares about where and into whom – Siemens leaves their business.  Kim Jong-un would like to get a boat load of Siemens business…while Dan Savage and Kyra Sedgwick are only mentioned here for “continuity”.

Dan Savage works and lives in Seattle, where Kyra once worked with the fictional Cliff Poncier.  Fictional Cliff pretended to play Soundgarden tunes while working with Kyra and Bridget Fonda.  I was already listening to Soundgarden in Spokane – where Evel Knievel, myself and many others, took turns drinking ourselves to oblivion at Flaherty’s and the Ridpath.  At some point I also watched Singles, but never jumped over shit with my motorcycle.

Soundgarden probably never drank to oblivion on top of the Ridpath in Spokane…but I’m certain that Kevin’s bacon and or Bridget Fonda are somehow involved.  So naturally…it’s all relevant!

Knowing what we now know about the connectivity of Kevin’s bacon to pretty much everything…it’s probably safe for us to blame the Bush-Citigroup policies of Obama on Matt Dillon.

Coming up tomorrow, the Vigilant Lens will be investigating the suspicious death of Betamax, and next week, look for my hard-hitting expose’ about Alec Baldwin’s birth certificate – and it’s complicity in the cancellation of Magnum PI…

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