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Wilde SpokaCowles

January 31, 2011


I tried to ignore Debra Wilde’s wild ride into Latah Creek, but being that no one has found the Spokane bomb placer as of yet…I consider it my duty to somehow blame the Cowles family.

For Debra’s creek driving…not the bomb.

Having encountered/purchased some really poor quality video in Spokane…I know that the video Q6 shot of the Wilde rescue was shot in “Cowles mode”.  This is the mode used to defame, embarrass, and or “harass” those who dare remember the Randy, Debra, Daniels and Patricia McCrae debacle known simply as stupid. So I’ll go ahead and link to my other favorite Cowles outlet instead.

Suffice to say, one should probably not drive while intoxicated anywhere near Latah Creek–or spiteful Q6 camera jockeys.  We probably shouldn’t do many things. Like fight Obama’s war crimes for Bush, or use Jägermeister on our pancakes…but we do.

There are many old Debra Wilde stories to tell. Unfortunately, trying to remember them only unleashes my repressed Dan Kleckner nightmares…due to having witnessed Dan half-naked at Clear Lake Resort…far too many times. I say, let us read what Debra knows and then let’s all eat some Jägermeister infused pancakes and try to forget my memories of Kleckner in shorts. *Most recent and awesome update!*  Sadly – the above linked Debra Wilde article – in the ‘overly pretty and out of touch Spokane Coeur D’ Alene Living magazine’, has been scrubbed from the internets.  Contact them if you must know what Debra knows.

*Recent update number three! Because number two seems so personal. My secret contact at the Spokesman who is not Doug Clark…informed me that Debra has confirmed almost everything I origionally said about Cowles Media and The Inlander.  Almost. Thanks and go Denver!*

If I could, I’d send you all over to the Inlander to read a witty article about Deb’s driving while Cowles impaired. Sadly, being that the Inlander has yet to hire me away from my Jägermeister infused pancakes…I wish you good luck with that.

Can I mention Nadine Woodward here?  Good.

Remember peoples, most marijuana smokers don’t drive while drunk.  They sleep, laugh, and snack a bit, then learn some new skills in prison for having dared enjoyed the terrorist weed.

Be Vigilant Spokane, or your news will be dispensed by just one voice.

Now enjoy some STP and have a fine Air Force day.

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