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Benny, Mitchell, Jessen & Joon

December 18, 2010

The much-anticipated sequel to 1993’s Benny & Joon…filmed in the beautiful parts of Spokane, Washington has not occurred.  Neither Johnny Depp nor Winona Ryder have been spotted at the Onion, but the psychotic duo of Mitchell and Jessen are back, and they’re nowhere near as fun as Depp’s Sam.

When we last visited the psychos two…Mitchell and Jessen, we learned of their Spokane connection and some other useful information about Spokane like Fairchild AFB, Flaherty’s bar and Evel Knievel

Now I can assure you, Evel and Flaherty’s were more American than the cowardly psychos two —Mitchell and Jessen.  At Flaherty’s you could mingle with ditch diggers, lawyers, strung out coke heads from felony flats, and if you were lucky, you’d make it down the block to Albertini’s for another round and a piss in the ‘men’s room with a window above the urinal’…so as to keep an eye on your drink.

When James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen were around, they tended to bring the party down by torturing and waterboarding their guests.  And I used to think Joe Brasch was a bit of a party pooper.

If you’re unfamiliar with Mitchell and Jessen, torture, or our ongoing wars against Islam and the working class people of Spokane — well, you might as well sit down in the empty space where Flaherty’s once stood and think about why Mr. Alexie can no longer play ball at the downtown YMCA.

When we have 5 million dollars to defend tortures who’ll never be tried, and 250 million dollars to keep Dick Cheney out of a Nigerian prison…we’ll then also have trillions of dollars for wars, Wall Street, and none for you.

The old bars and Evel are gone, but Mitchell and Jessen walk freely amongst you. They’re still psycho and they’re still not in prison.

If I were North by Northwest Productions, I’d be looking at scripts and searching for financing…

  1. Tenzing permalink
    December 18, 2010 10:54

    Well you finally made a mistake, Lens. It’s not Winona Ryder who was in “Benny & Joon”–maybe yer thinkin’ “Edward Scissorhands.” It was Mary Stuart Masterson. Good movie.

    Hey, do you happen to know when “Enhanced Interrogation: The Musical” is coming out?



    • December 18, 2010 11:00

      Thanks Tenzing…I knew about Mary…another movie crush I’m afraid…Winona was with Depp back in those days..and the two were seen about in Spokane. Very “insider” and outdated Spokane stuff…I know.

      I’m hoping North by Northwest Productions will pick up the ball and run with Enhanced Interrogation thing. Perhaps Joe Brasch could play in it?
      (yet another outdated Spokane reference)

      Thanks Tenzing


  2. Tenzing permalink
    December 18, 2010 11:09

    How could I have ever doubted you.

    I had a movie crush on Miss Crabtree, the blond teacher in the “Our Gang” comedies circa 1930. (Still do:)


    • December 18, 2010 11:19

      Ahh yes, Miss Crabtree! Okay I had to look her up on the Google…
      Now I’m going to get Little Rascals advertisments on my other searches?


  3. December 18, 2010 16:45

    I will never even consider using a neti pot and I no longer do inverted exercizes on a slant board. The CIA’s use of waterboarding has terrorized me and get this………I’ve never been waterboarded.

    Even if they’re not actively implementing the torture, they are still walking around with their cloths, slant boards and jugs of water and hoping every prisoner fears that it could be used.

    Upping the terror is the process of them dreaming up new ways to torture and calling it ‘not torture’.

    Human rights and human wrongs. When the gov’t says the wrongs are right, what are we to do? Bring on more WikiLeaks, I say. Leaks from every branch and entity.


  4. barman permalink
    December 20, 2010 10:30

    Here, high above the hinterlands, the S-R has filed this story in their not-newsworthy bag, along with Libby, Hanford, and many others I’m sure I’d know about but never get to hear about.

    So thanks for keeping me updated, Lens.

    I’m on a vision quest for other 80’s spokan-word references.

    And I’m looking for an Exploding Fifi’s logo for xmas.



    • December 20, 2010 11:03

      Once again, I’ll be having to steal some of your stuff barman…Spokan-word…why the hell didn’t I think of that? Or better yet, why didn’t Ted McGregor over at the Inlander?

      Does Spokane know it has a few free thinkers like yourself? I know the S-R thinks its readers are all still waiting for their afternoon delivery of the Spokane Chronicle, hence your left with the Inlander or my scary take on the world.

      I’m almost without words though, the Exploding Fifi’s??? Wow barman, just wow! And I thought my Debra Wilde!/ Joe Brasch dropping was falling on deaf ears… Not sure I saw them too many times, but I do recall being at JJ’s, The Red Lion Tav…Gatsby’s etc. etc. far too often in those days.

      Put a bug in McGregor’s ear for me…they could use some anti-establishment tomfoolery…and a decent photo essay or twelve..I’m also sniffin around an Eastern Wa. return, so beware!

      Drop an email to the blog sometime (vigilantlens at and I’ll shoot a link to my “real world” of photography, where I moonlight as a regular, semi sane citizen!

      Now what are these Libby’s and Hanfords you speak of??


    • December 23, 2010 17:03

      logo on website and Merry Xmas, dreams to come true LOL


  5. December 23, 2010 16:42

    Merry Christmas Barman! Check website or even go to our FB page, simply search Exploding Fifis…..logo is on web home page, we’ve posted old pics and pics of old buttons, fan pics or just email me if you need anything


    • December 23, 2010 18:02

      Thanks for all of the info Cherie, I’m sure barman will see it. Barman always more than one up’s me with his knowledge of all things 80’s Spokane related, especially the old bars, restaurants, bands etc. etc.

      Sorry to drag you guys into the nutty world of political blogging…good to see you’re sites and all of the good “old” info.

      I’m off to recall some Idaho bar memories now…


  6. barman permalink
    December 27, 2010 08:51

    A logo, and webpage, delivered by Cherie for xmas.

    It’s just what I wanted. And I didn’t have to trade Harris 3/257ths of Ahabs for it.

    Remember lens, I’m a lifer here. I’m not trying to one-up you, I’m actually flattered you appreciate the nuance.

    Time for an old-time barhop. Snow coming.



    • December 27, 2010 10:12

      Thanks barman…and a bit O Ahab’s Whale and Bud Nameck for your Monday.



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