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Corporate Math

January 13, 2012

Yesterday I was able to fill my freedom tank with freedom’s gas, for only $3.12 per gallon!  With my Safeway discount, I think I may have saved the lives of 2.5 Iranian children – by shortening the lives of the rest of us.  It’s kind of like going to church – without all the guilty repression and pedophilia.

That’s corporate math for ya.  Run with the profits today – before those who care what Elisabeth Hasselbeck said to Joy Behar…figure shit out.

Like the pretend promises of the wonder liquid called DMSO; by the time the masses figure out that our common sense died in 1980  – gas at $3.12 per gallon and phones that allow you to think even less…will excite us more than clean water.

Corporate math – is where it’s at.

Freedom isn’t making a penny off of Obama’s endless Bush wars.  Health-scare, dental-scare, edumication, your civil liberties, the environment and your ability to feed yourself non-death inducing foodstuffs…are making less-than a worthless penny off of Obama’s endless Bush wars.

Corporate math tells us that – any corporation involved with Obama’s endless Bush wars, Wall Street, pharmaceuticals, or any other earth-like ending gadgets…are making earth ending amounts of profit.  Obviously, corporate math works better than Reagan’s big government cheese program, ever dreamed possible!

The upcoming Pentagon budget is going to be axed about as much as Lockheed Martin’s.  In other words, see above, and or below for more.

 (shhhh, It’s called corporate math)

The President, much to his credit, is calling upon Congress to give him Freedom’s Reigns!, so that he might consolidate several federal commerce and trade agencies.  This would save we the Patriot Acted, over $3 billion dollars!  Over ten years!  They think we’re stupid!  And they’re right!

That’s corporate math baby…see Elisabeth Hasselbeck for more.

Who’s the defense industries favorite presidential candidate – since 2008?  He don’t wear sweater vests – he doesn’t like Utah, and he hates Texas almost as much as he loves Citigroup…he’s?

Perhaps we should just wait for Soledad O’Brien to tell us more?

Corporate math.
When adding it all together
you must always first subtract.

For more on this developing story, I’m off to hear what Joy Behar might have to say about what  Elisabeth Hasselbeck has to say…

Happy Friday.  And good luck.

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