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Maybe Erin Brockovich Will Help Us?

December 19, 2010

I Know! I can't believe it either! Star Wars...ha!

As my shallow end of the gene pool friends like to remind me…if it wasn’t for our stash of WMD’s, we’d be speaking Russian with a Chinese accent and tripping over our Japanese lederhosen, while dodging the FBI provided bombs of brown-skinned American teenagers.

Arguing with the shallow end of the gene pool can be good for one’s self-esteem, but I find that watching David Gregory ask Joe Biden about winning in Vietghanistan, far more enlightening.       

One day ol Joe is telling us that WikiLeaks has caused no damage, and then the very next day, Joe is warning us that WikiLeaks is as frightening as a terrorist with an AOL account.   Our government must take us for babbling idiots with attention spans of a 5-year-old Teabanger.

Oh yeah, that’s right…

Well, since we’re too slow on the uptake to grasp that Boeing, Halliburton and the Pentagon consider us all just this side of abused naked sheep…perhaps Erin Brockovich can help us?

Our corporations are out of control, the wars evidently DO cost money and our drinking water is laced with hexavalent chromium, fluoride and what I can only assume is stupid juice.

I mean, it’s like we’re building a really expensive war fighting apparatus to wage a losing war against the world, while the real war against us rubes here at home…goes much better than expected.

Huh.  Weird.

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