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Non Sequitur La Sexorcisto

March 7, 2012

Today it was pointed out to us that the Party of Teabangers should not be trusted to wear a condom. I guess it’s because they prefer to screw us without protection.  I’d be a dirty socialist-Marxist who leans anarchist left…if I failed to point out that the Democrats can be trusted to wear a condom while screwing us.  It’s because when it comes to choosing ‘he who fucks us’, we should choose the ones who will feel guilty about later.

This is why nothing ever changes. This is also why a dead brown-skinned child who used to live near oil…can’t tell the difference between a Bush drone…or Obama’s.  I’m sure she’d feel comforted in the knowledge, that if just before her last bite of maggot infested rice…she could be sure that the drone that blew her up, was flown by a war President of the Democratic Party.

I’ll let Sherman Alexie do the math.

A conquered populace will believe whatever it is they’re told to  believe.  If Attorney General Holder tells me that due process is exactly what Alberto Gonzales said it was, well by golly I’m going to make fun of Newt’s Frothy Romney!  Going through life confused, is much easier than acknowledging that if only Bradley Manning had just killed some kids in Iraq – pissed on their bodies and put the video on Youtube…he’d be more hero than supposed traitor.

We knew during the Bush, that war crimes and misdemeanors did in fact occur.  We still know now, what went on then, goes on now.  Some blame the Teahadists, I blame Rep. Norm Dicks.

Meanwhile the TSA bosom scanners still don’t work. But we’ll line up for them anyway, because searching our junk for a corporations profit is about all the patriotism we can muster.  It’s like a back door Democratic compliment, with a condom used for our own damn good.

Speaking of doors, Palin’s leaving one open for yet another run at the White House. Man that sure is stupid.  Stupid and distracting.

As if we needed any more stupid distractions from war criminals and their bankers in our midst, Washington State’s Rob McKenna has some savvy positioning skills…and our judges must also decide if our same-sex marriage law, is redefining the definition of what the word marriage is.

Man that’s distracting.

As with Obama’s Guantanamo, assassinations and the never-ending wars on brown-skinned kids who live near oil…it all depends on what your definition of is…is.

Non Sequitur La Sexorcisto.  What else needs to be said?

  1. Karma Tenzing Wangchuk permalink
    March 7, 2012 12:26

    Bush, Gonzales; Obama, Holder.

    War criminals.


    • March 7, 2012 13:54

      I know right? (said my inner teen)
      Not sure why we the Patriot Acted are so…Patriot Acted.

      Thanks Tenzing


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