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Change is in the Shadows

February 23, 2012

Carl Jung had some things to say.  Had Carl and his shadow lived to watch the subconscious of the political punditry class – devour the conscious existence of the rest of us…he’d probably vote for Roseanne Barr just to fuck with their anima’s animuses.

See the pundit class as it points out the fallacies of the retarded, only to ignore the dead brown-skinned babies.

I think it was the CIA’s Mitchell or Jessen who “might have said”: When the persona breaks free of its conscience boundaries – that’s when the real money starts rolling in.

Look to the shadows for the change.  It comes with an Ænima.

Watch as Patty Murray and Norm Dicks lurk beneath the ghost of Russ Feingold’s shadow.

Keep clear of Mr. Holland’s Stonegarden opus, as Naomi Wolf warns of the forgotten nuclear folly.

The Stonegarden folly reminds me of the shadows at Hanford.  They now throw short…but run deeper than any down-streamer should be comfortable in knowing.

The change is in the shadows.
It’s just to the rear of the political punditry classes
and a little to the right.

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