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Mr. Holland’s Stonegarden Opus

November 28, 2011

Unlike most pretend journalists on the internets, I prefer to butter my bread on just one side…thus making the bread easier to eat is just something I like to do.  The fact that eating less butter allows me to maintain a full head of glorious hair, is something Joshua Holland might want to look into.

It’s a well known myth, that while the grammar police at the Seattle Fusion Center do enjoy my Indiana English and garammarin skills – they really aren’t big fans of my ability to lead all 47 of my readers…to the stinking corpse of freedom that lays rotting in their lunchroom fridge.

If you must know, the rotting corpse of freedom lies in the tinfoil covered Tupperware bowl – second shelf, just behind the Dead Guy Ale.

Today’s Vigilant Lens tip O the day?  Tupperware bowls are sold with lids.  Why not use them?

Anyway, as the Twitterverse and progressive big blog readers of the world can attest, Sunday officially became Joshua Holland vs. Naomi Klein Day, because most of AlterNet’s readers have never heard of Naomi Wolf.  Go here for Joshua’s bald hairless hard-hitting expose.

Apparently, Joshua has called Naomi insane, questioned her credentials and then curled up with a warm sandwich, only to spend the day defending the merits of mayonnaise — and the lack of proof of any DHS coitus insertus, with any local PD’s and or mayors as it pertains to #OWS.

Grammatically speaking, the above was one hell of a screwed up paragraph.  Lack of Joshua journalism speaking, go here, see more. Naomi speaking…it all depends on which Naomi you think Joshua is angry with.

For more on why Joshua supports the Obama wars on freedom and brown-skinned hungry children, try Naomi’s article right over here.

I don’t have proof that Joshua supports Obama’s wars on freedom and the hungry brown-skinned children of the world…but I do know about Homeland Security’s Operation Stonegarden.  For more on Operation Stonegarden and how it might possibly apply to local PD’s and mayors currently cracking down on the campers of Occupy and my run on sentences…try here.

For more information on why Homeland Security might be inserting itself into the bowels of our former freedoms, go here, think Constitution Free Zone… then go here, read less Joshua,  and then try more Onion – Americas Finest News Source!

Mr. Holland’s Stonegarden Opus.  It was composed well, but I’m still left wondering who it is that’s buttering which side of Joshua’s bread?

I think the butter spreaders are in fact winning.

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  1. Joshua Holland permalink
    November 29, 2011 06:06

    This may be the dumbest thing I’ve read about the blow-up. Congrats!


    • November 29, 2011 07:53

      Well…as of Sunday night, I’m about the 672nd human you’ve said this to. Proof that self-Googling works and that you might indeed know which Naomi you’re talking about.

      No wait, that’s what Janet said. Nice use of the keyboard Josh…but you’ll have to try much harder.



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