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Occupy Jalalabad

February 22, 2012

Our plastic sheeting and duct tape never used against the terror
prop it up and tape it to a broom –
a Bank of America-free home!
They’re trending. Kids love em’! They’re the bomb.

As the vast majority of the Homeland’s Patriot Acted rest on their morals – Russell Means was right.

When our morality filled communities aren’t banning books, we’re burning them over there.  Because Indiana hates the Girl Scouts
and our freedom right here.

And the US-trained Afghan cops did attack the protesters.
Russell Means appears to me – and he’s right.

Since Iran doesn’t make our Apple Apps
The Homeland will attack!
Steve Jobs was no Russell Means.

It could have been John Lennon who once warned: there’s Islamophobics in the bathroom, just beyond the pale, but it may have also been Russell Means.

So onward xenophobic soldiers!  Tonight we eat GMO!
Tomorrow we pay more for gas.

The scary uterus’ can’t procreate – without the seed of the insane.

The lunatic is on the grass.
Lou Dobbs! First “teh” Mexicans, now “teh” Dr. Seuss?
Franklin Graham!? Yes the Hawaiian is black.
Mississippi’s still burning
Rick’s endless Santorum? Penis envy defined.

We failed to keep the loonies on the path
unions are your enemy
I’m sure there’s an App for that.

Occupy Jalalabad. Duct tape and plastic sheeting.
Russell Means?  He was right.

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