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Scripted Enough to Win

February 24, 2012

Bush gas prices don't count

Sometimes it’s hard to follow along with the increasingly retarded script of the Homeland…but that’s what the Westboro Baptist Church is for.  Script revisions.

With the latest script revisions, we the Patriot Acted are now supposed to be upset about a burning of the Quran apology…or the rising price of gas – which we haven’t witnessed since the last Bush was in office.

When translated from Newt’s Frothy Romney to Midwestern English, this means that Obama has already won…and Ron Paul has a CIA Super PAC too.

As per usual…the irony and or coincidences will be lost on most of us.  See Ann Romney’s Cadillacs for more.

Or perhaps you’d be more comfortable with Obama’s version of the Bush legacy?  Which is identicle to the legacy of Clinton, Daddy Bush and Reagan.  But not Ford.

President Ford’s legacy was to appear so mind-fuckingly incompetent, as to distract us from Nixon’s legacy that contained not one…Oval Office blow job.  Kissinger doesn’t count.

Kissinger’s lack of prison time then led to President Carter’s legacy
and 9/11.

For more about us, see Lockheed Martin’s profits, then watch any episode of The A Team…and do try to stay on script.

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