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Common Sense Called

January 24, 2012

While we were out, common sense called us.  She’s left several messages, but we’re not really big on returning the calls of common sense.  We will however, always return the calls of ‘absolutely no basis in reality’.  Which makes sense.

Our old friend common sense last tried to reach us, just before Saddam’s non-existent Anthrax didn’t attack anything.  After the first declared victory in Iraq, common sense pretty much just said fuck it…and stopped calling.

Common sense had been trying to reach us for at least 160 years.  She used to try and reach us via telegraph, the U.S. Mail and or through our God given moral compasses.  Technology failed her then, and of course, we’ve never really had any use for compasses of morality.

Sadly, common sense was not only ignored, but she was brutally attacked by men like JP Morgan, Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie.  Today, Al Roker, the Koch brothers and the camp cook at the Bohemian Grove…have taken over where Morgan, Rockefeller, Carnegie and our moral compasses left off.

This is why millions of common sense free Homelandians – do fret about President Obama’s hidden Muslim agenda.  This is also why millions of us also ignore Newt Romney’s hidden Muslim agenda – GMO laden foodstuffs – Homeland Security’s affordable drones and British Petroleum’s Fukushima.

Yeah – Al Roker and the camp cook at the Bohemian Grove are that good.  The Koch’s on the other hand, just sleep a lot and watch an unhealthy amount of Green Acres.

It’s an election year, which means that we the Patriot Acted are even slower witted than usual.  We have a bottomless pit of cash on hand, as long as it’s spent on war, reelection, bailouts and prosecuting humans who keep trying to remind us of our old friend common sense.

In the end, no fornicating/magic long-underwear wearing challenger will defeat President Obama.  For now, it’s Obama’s pretend throne to occupy, because Al Roker says so.

Maintaining an empire isn’t easy.  It takes liars, failed Pentagon strategy after failed Pentagon tragedy, profit and…millions of Patriot Acted party members – Tebowing their way to a shared oblivion.

Common sense always had plenty of quarters to get a hold of us.
I think she stopped calling us for a reason.
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  1. January 25, 2012 08:25

    Cant blame Common Sense for giving up on people who think the answer to being broke is to print more money, to give up on education because ignorance is bliss, manipulation and more control, and war is always the best answer. Im with Common Sense, fuck it…

    The karmic response is coming.


    • January 25, 2012 09:11

      I used to hope for a karmic response…then I realized we’d already been given a karmic response, and it’s name is Victoria Jackson.

      Guess my optimism was murdered by my pessimism long ago…



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