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The Gift of Oligarchy Dental

January 23, 2012

As the branches of Glenn Beck’s psychosis battle the looming corporatocracy for daylight…I’m left wondering, why can’t we get some sort of awesome socialist dental care from the current Oligarchy?

Quick.  What’s more frightening to 97% of We the Patriot Acted?  12 brown-skinned, wrong religion practicing humans who live in far away lands…who would find it quite difficult to invade the Homeland, if it were not for the assistance of your CIA, DIA or the bomb offering FBI?  Or…funding health care, jobs and education instead of the endless Obama wars for Boeing? 

The answer?  Gay marriage, birth control and the liberal media elite!

This is just part of the reason we stopped cutting down so many trees…because plastic bags are made out of oil.  Like Iraq.  Or Iran.

Some day the Seattle Times will draw our attention to our dysfunction.  Until then, we’ll have to concern ourselves with the millions of dollars spent to house and lawyer-up our sex offenders.

The Times aren’t trying to draw your attention to the trillions of dollars wasted by Bush and Obama – because that’s not a “local issue”.  It’s also not journalism.  To ponder such things, is just a waste of our beautiful minds.   But so is pretending that forecasting your weather is a skill.

This is why the internet must die.
It’s not the porn that you watch that matters –
it’s who can keep any truthiness from escaping that counts.

When the Seattle Times puts together yet another – Pulitzer Prize contending series of articles about expensive state/county government programs…one might consider the trillions of lost dollars said articles will never point out.  Besides, worrying about Newt’s wandering penis is so much more entertaining.

At this point, the simple gift of an Oligarchy dental plan for some of us – would probably shut most of us up.

See the Seattle Times for more.

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