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Factual Fiction is Frictional Art

January 25, 2012

One of my favorite pretend poets was a fictional DJ who lived in a fictional Alaskan town.  He worked at a fictional radio station that was owned by a fictional old-school conservative – who coveted an 18-year-old Canadian girl.

Sure fictional art can imitate life.

Nancy Pelosi just sent me an email in which she begged for money – for a man who has already raised about $70 million dollars.  Nancy Pelosi works in a House – where her party enjoyed the majority of two Houses – during the frequently forgotten…110th Congress.

The Bush was not impeached – yet Clinton’s penis was.
Factual fiction?  Or frictional art?

Dennis Kucinich – one of the few Democrats known to exist in this sector of the universe…recently said:  “One of the biggest stumbling blocks to America’s economic recovery is corporations can legally buy elections and then influence policies which move millions of jobs out of America, which escape taxation by off shoring profits, which cash in on wars, which press military industrial spending through the roof. ”

Obviously Costco was right.  Dennis is nuts.

Inequality has always been part of the fabric of the Homeland.  Skin color, gender, religion, sexual and financial orientation…determine how, where and into whom, one might get to plant their phallic stick of freedom.  This does require friction, but like Pelosi’s email, fundraising from the Patriot Acted…is full of factual fiction.

As Mother Jones is attempting to show us, ‘it’s who has the money stupid‘.  Great information can be had in that article of graphs, but, sadly, most of us are graph retarded.  We’ll only spend a fraction of a second with those…before we resume searching for funny katz and photos of Miley Cyrus…who somehow always knows…just when to not wear a bra.

Making Billy Ray Cyrus proud is obviously – really quite easy.  Which when you think about it…Miley is like us and Billy Ray is like “them”.  We’ll do and or buy anything, just to ignore the horrible parenting skills of our fictional filled Homeland.

Truths of a painful nature are like clockwork.
Is it factual fiction?
Or just frictional art?

Fictional towns are like any email from a politician…
the chaos is scripted – the factual fiction is implied.

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  1. January 25, 2012 11:34

    great, great, great, and great clip to finish. I’m sad to say I need to be more exposed to the Northern Exposure, as I have heard its pretty good.


    • January 25, 2012 15:40

      Yeah, I neglected the Exposure back when it was on the teevee. Missed the nuances and deeper meanings. But I missed many a nuance from the many bar stools I inhabited then, so, no harm no foul.

      I do enjoy employing the nuances these days – I’m a bit like Apple in that regard, I employ very few Homelandian’s, and make billions off of Chinese slave labor. Kind of – minus the slave labor and profit.

      I could use an editor who understands the English language – some day, some day…

      Thanks lindsayface


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