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Change is Funny

January 21, 2012

It’s 2012.  If you’re still convinced that the evildoing Teabangers of Congress are blocking every earth ending/Bush-like move of the president, then you’re as conservative as Obama’s Bagram.

It’s like 1963.  If you’re convinced that the president’s fiscal, Homeland and foreign Bush-like policies are so frighteningly liberal – that Jesus himself has stopped talking to Sheriff Arpaio…then you’re as conservative as Obama’s Guantanamo.

Change is funny isn’t it?

We can be so caught up in the travels and work ethic of Jim Harbaugh – that we’d ignore the fingerless glove of Raytheon that’s currently shoved up our asses of freedom…as we patiently wait for the thick fingers of Wall Street.

Change sure seems like an anal probing from Lockheed Martin.

Just today – I hear that Chuck Norris has endorsed the many ex-wives of the Newt.

That sure reeks.  It reeks of change.

Just today – I see yet another racist cop beating an elderly disabled man…because he was black.  That reeks.  It reeks of Change.

The CIA was helping the NYPD spy upon activists, humans of color and anyone they damn well felt like.  That smells like a crime – with just a smear-age of the GEO Group thrown in for profit.  That’s change.  Change that Joshua Holland does ignore.

Change is Herman Cain singing at a Colbert campaign stop.  That’s funny.  It’s sad.  That’s change.

Teabaggers are incensed with the liberal change in direction the Homeland has taken. Democrats are fighting mad that anyone has noticed what never-ending liberal wars actually look like.  That, that my friends…is change.

Hey check it out! Snooki looks great without make-up, which is weird, because so does Jim Harbaugh.  That’s distracting.  That’s news.

A President Palin and Vice President Busta Rhymes would be different…but there still wouldn’t be much change.

Change is funny.  Funny is the change.

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  1. January 24, 2012 13:26

    controlled media, media deterring from the real problems and secret agendas, its just a puppet show. the real change is coming. REAL CHANGE.


    • January 24, 2012 13:41

      I hear you…

      But not many hear what we’re saying.
      I’m just sayin…

      Thanks for the comment lindsayface, I’ll keep an eye on your blog.



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