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Red Thursday – Black Friday – Brown Sunday

November 25, 2011

Another Red Thursday has come and gone with nary a nod to our border hopping – illegal alien ancestors, who are now thankful for the genocide and awesome flat screen teevee deals.  I suppose Red Thursday is a bit like Columbus Day, in that the Post Office will not deliver any smallpox infused blankets on those days.

This is what God invented Black Friday for.

God also invented Halliburton, Lockheed Martin and Jack Daniels for similar reasons, but as per usual, that’s another post – for a
different day.

Be strong Black Friday shoppers!  According to some, pepper spray is as tasty on a chimichanga, as waterboarding was to Liz Cheney’s
Jane Fonda.

Red Thursday, Black Friday, Brown Sunday…what’s next, Droned Muslim Tuesday?  Oh, no wait…sorry.  Japanese Internment Tuesday happens first, then we drift into Droned Muslim Wednesday.

Shit’s hard to keep up with.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

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