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Once Firm Dicks to Soften on Pulling Out

June 6, 2011

Port Angeles, Washington is ground zero for the war on terror.  Just ask anyone who speaks Spanish.

But do not, I repeat DO NOT ask anyone who speaks Pashto.

Within the Constitution Free Zone of the Olympic Peninsula, schools are closing, healthcare is rare and the only jobs left to be had are picking Salal for the floral industry, or becoming a Border Patrol Agent…because the angry Teabaggers against Obamacare just won’t pick the Salal.

Like a well written Michele Bachmann campaign speech to Sarah Palin’s brain stem…all of this leads us to Rep. Norm Dicks and the Peninsula Daily News headline from Sunday: “Rep. Dicks Reportedly Calls for Faster Withdrawal from Afghanistan.”

It’s within that article of phallic freedom, that we can read Norm say things like: “war fatigue“, “I’m having a hard time finding one” and “incredible cuts” to “nation building in Afghanistan” and yet another “I’m having a hard time.”

How Norm was able to refrain from saying the words, “Boeing“, “Tanker Contract” or “the Democrats wars on Islam are for my employer whose name rhymes with Boeing“…showed incredible, Democrat-like courage.

Norm does not mention in his pretend softened stance on Obama’s 10-year-old Bush wars, that he was for the Patriot Act, the torture, as well as all of the profit wars…before, during and after Obama became the
better Bush.

Norm also does not mention his involvement in creating Osama bin Laden, the Afghan Mujhahideen turned Talibanqaeda, or even his disdain for those who keep voting for him.

In fact, Norm fails to mention much of anything, that would help us figure out just what in the hell the difference is between Norm and the taller dick — John Boehner.  Evidently, the size of the dick in question…is pretty much the only difference.

You can pull out early and perhaps soften your once firm stance.  You can even pretend that Obama is a liberal, but one just cannot put a price on Pashto lessons, Boeing’s influence over Norm…or even the Peninsula Daily News’ use of the words ‘Dicks and ‘faster withdrawal‘ in the same headline.

It’s Monday and like the Border Patrol, Norm still can’t tell a Salal picking human from a Prius driving food co-op member…because Indian Island’s white phosphorus kills the rock throwing children of the world, much faster than say, educating and or affordable dental care for we the
Patriot Acted.
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  1. Tenzing permalink
    June 6, 2011 13:17

    So much to like in this rant, Lens, including the closing “we the
    Patriot Acted,” which brought up for me the vomitous thought of the Teabaggers, hereafter for me “The Patriot Actors.”

    I wonder if Stormin’ Normin’s new pacifist act will, ahem, soften any Pruius-driving liberals’ slight disdain for Dicks the Warmonger.

    On second thought, do I care?


    Thanks again.


    • June 7, 2011 09:53

      The Patriot Actors…I do believe we’re surrounded by them.
      Some are indeed the idiot rubes in the Teabaggery, but I’m not so sure that the kinder, gentler Obama war, torture and kill Democrats are much better.

      Stormin Norman is a fine example. Saving the PCB/Mercury laden salmon that we humans and Orca shouldn’t be eating on one hand…and continuing to GW Bush the planet’s brown skinned humans via Obama, the Pentagon and B of A on the other.


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