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June 3, 2011

This just in, school funding is are for librul eleats and teh awristoeKratz’s.

If you’ve ever wondered why Idaho, Oregon and Tenino, Washington were filled with so many smart people…you probably really enjoyed those 3 and a half years spent in 6th grade.

I know I did!!

Now, I may not know spit about math, litrutchure liturichur litwricher books with words in em’ and such…but I do know that Iraq flew those planes on 9/11 and we’re going to make sure that Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Iran, Mexico and Ohio pay for it too.

Sarah Palin once said that education is the cornerstone of a well-balanced tracheotomy.

And this is why she will be President.

Like the illegal war in Libya— our wars on education, healthcare, jobs and common sense, go really swell.  Vietghanistan 10 years later, shows no sign of ending and what about those misplaced CIA WMD’s in Iraq?  Who knows and why should we care?

2 + 2 = trillions of dollars more in the hunt for a new Bin Laden, multiplied by the amount of money spent for Homeland Security…which is then divided by the amount spent on school kids in Oregon, Idaho and Washington.

Add in the dollars needed for Wall Street and the enforcement of we the Patriot Acted…and voila!  We’re right back at Sarah Palin’s back door, which is being guarded by Idaho’s Butch Otter, which makes Todd very angry.

Of course none of this pencils out, but I’m with Sarah…Paul Revere tried to save our guns from the British Chinese liberals.

*edited hours later*, as even I couldn’t figure out what I was rambling on about.  Lack of sleep and words on pretend pages, don’t always work out.  Just ask Todd Palin and myself…

Happy weekend!

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