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Weiner Dicks of the Morality Police

June 7, 2011

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Our morality is about as firm as Sarah Palin’s grasp of what Levi might have been doing with his johnson.

What if we paid as much attention to the criminals in Congress, the Pentagon and the CIA, as we do to the various penis controversies of the penis hunting Andrew Breitbart?  Well, maybe we’d have more time to worry about Fukushima and all those well designed GE reactors of the Homeland, that are patiently waiting to kill us with their clean energy.

You know, when I think about clean energy, I usually think about Levi Johnston and Sarah’s lack of attention on ‘Levi’s johnson.’

If Palin had been more concerned about Bristol and what Levi’s johnson had been doing, maybe she’d still just be a corrupt mayor.

Perhaps if we were as concerned with corrupt mayors as we are with Breitbart’s johnson’s, maybe then we’d be able to decipher the warning signs on the corporate owned highway of servitude. 

Speaking of corporate owned warning signs, let’s follow the lead of the “very liberal” Nancy Pelosi.

Warning Curveball Ahead.  Nancy say’s: torture, murder and illegal wars for profit?  Sure!  Anthony Weiner’s morality-free wiener?  Investigate and prosecute it!  Because nothing says high crimes and misdemeanors better than Anthony Weiner’s dick.

I’m also hopeful that Rep. Conyers is right now, as we dwell, considering bringing articles of impeachment against Weiner’s wiener.  And if Norm Dicks and John’s Boehner can somehow insert themselves into the proceedings…my blog post titles would be forever grateful!!

But alas, this is the Homeland.  This is the Homeland where George W’s tax cuts for billionaires, were just a prelude to the corporate hand-jobs by Obama.  There are the world wars we wage for Bechtel, Jesus and CH2M Hill.  There’s the pretend wars on drugs and the very real wars on Mexico, education and employment.  And coming soon to your teevee…a whole new round of yellow cake, portable WMD trucks and other pretend intelligence, that when spelled out backwards by Glenn Beck, translates to we’ve been Patriot Acted again.

Lather, rinse, repeat and profit.  Profit, repeat, lather and rinse.

The morality police and Lockheed Martin thank you for your
distracted support.

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