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How Many Times Must Raffi Sing It?

January 30, 2011

Come on humans!!  Raffi has been trying to enlighten the primordial slushy that our brains swim in…by singing about earth friendly stuff for about 40 years now!  And still…still, we must buy any Miley Cyrus brand thong that her dad and Walmart tell us we need.

The Cyrus thongs are cheaper to produce, ship and sell, than offering a decent health care policy for about 500,000 Walmart employees…so you know, I can see where the Supreme Court would want to endorse the Cyrus thongs over the working class.  

I’m not sure I remember Raffi warning us about Walmart or Cyrus thongs in any of his older songs…but I’m certain he did in spirit.  Go here and read Raffi’s words, since we obviously never got his message when he sang it.

While Raffi is probably pretty safe up in Canada, I’m certain he’d be on several watch and or no-fly list’s of our gloriously paranoid Homeland of today.  Hopefully that makes about 27 of my readers in Virginia
very sad.

Meanwhile…back in President Obama’s Crawford, Afghanistan is going great!  Thanks for asking!  The draw down of our troops from Afghanistan, will begin this summer, right after most of them move into Pakistan and Yemen.  The 36,000 troops set to deploy just before the official draw down commences, is just the progressive way of not really drawing anything down…other than what’s left of our attention span.

I’d say that someone should call the FBI and have them look into our never-ending war crimes for profit…but that would be stupid.   Stupid by a factor of about 40,000 times.

How many times must Raffi sing it?  I’m afraid only Janet Napolitano knows the answer to that.

“Some say the end is near.”

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  1. January 31, 2011 09:24

    About that 40,000 thing … yup.

    It’s always good to EFF the eff bee eye. The EFF people find out so much stuff.

    Too bad we the people can’t trust those who are in the position to investigate *real crimes* to do it and do it without misconduct or making it FUBAR.

    I still can’t get the ick off my porch from where the little F-ers stood. I think it’s permanent.


    • January 31, 2011 16:20

      40k plus one…at least.
      Here’s some ongoing “fun” in the
      Olympia and Tacoma areas of the Washington State Sector. Fusion, military, local PD and more involved.


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