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Patience Needed

January 29, 2011

Patience is a virtue.  Sadly, our virtue only comes in at a 2 out of a possible 745…because I prefer to use the Ted Haggard scale of virtuousness.

Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Pakistan and Charlie Sheen are all on the brink of a people’s revolution.  Here in the Homeland, we’re on the brink of some people’s couch…which drives us to care about Charlie Sheen’s revolution, instead of who Todd Palin isn’t nalin.

We are however, really close to readjusting our cojones, while simultaneously fondling Wall Street’s frijoles.  I’ll give us that much, because I do know that some couches can be really uncomfortable.  

If the trillions for Wall Street, or the trillions for the multiple forgotten wars don’t screw us…Gallagher sure as hell will.  If we’re not doing hard time for being stoned, then we’re probably shooting our kids in the head for being mouthy.

Guns, bullets and seat belts don’t kill people…apathy, sugar and patience do.

Screw patience. It’s all yours Duff!

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  1. January 30, 2011 06:56

    I always knew not to talk back to my mom…yup.


    • January 30, 2011 07:56

      From Ted Haggard’s lips to…sorry, can’t help myself.

      But wow right? I thought my mom was a little cranky…


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