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Late Night Madness

January 28, 2011

Most horses hate the letter W.  Retarded horses however…

Hey it’s Friday night!  Why not enjoy some madness?  And please join me in welcoming some new DoD readers to the Lens…did Mitchell and Jessen send y’all?

Let’s jump in.

Bristol Palin…need I say more?  Yes, yes I must.  Bristol was all set to enlighten the kids at Washington U. with a $20 thousand dollar talk about abstinence and teen pregnancy.  Now she’s not.


When I’m forced to dwell in madness, it’s usually because I’ve been drinking while reading about a Palin or the Bachmann.  Drinking and dwelling usually allows me to ponder the seasoned beef at Taco Bell…and its relationship with the Army and its lost VX nerve agent.  Since I haven’t eaten at a Taco Bell since I was like 8, I have no idea if there’s any relationship between the Army’s handling of earth ending nerve agents…or seasoned beef.

I do wonder, quite frequently, about the Army Anthrax attacks and the lost Air Force nukes…and what relationship they might share with Ashton Kutcher, or Taco Bell’s seasoned beef.

Wacky Wackenhut, no?

Perhaps we should just tax ourselves a ka-billion dollars and just give it to Tim Eyman.  This way, Tim can stop fucking with the seasoned beef eaters of Wenatchee and just move on and do something useful with his life.

Like buying East Wenatchee.  Yes, Tim should just buy East Wenatchee and move the Costco to Waterville.

The people will follow Tim, just lead them to Waterville.

Hasta mañana Homeland!

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  1. January 29, 2011 09:05

    With my good friends at the eff bee eye investigating the circumstances regarding the missing-not-missing nerve agent, the Amerithrax situation, and with their bumper tapping scientists, and their reported cheating on tests, and their conducting voyeurism disguised at surveillance…

    it makes me want to gorge on a 12 pak of Taco Hell liquid smoke flavored boiled oatmeal tacos.

    Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry and DNA testing might even detect a bit of horse haaaarrrr within the mixture.

    Ya know, frequently I misplace my keys in the fridge or a pocket, but I’ve never placed my nerve in the wrong vault container….although sometimes FBI agents’ hearts go missing from the DOJ vault after they sign up and exchange them for those cold, cold gov’t issue hearts.


    • January 29, 2011 10:09

      Yes, what you said!
      Or what Henry Rolon told me to say.

      (Henry’s been self-googling himself again. Don’t they have marijuana selling Mexicans to Texan’s to hunt? I’m not sure I like paying Henry to read me at work.)

      Lens1…never lost a nuke while I was in SAC!


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