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Bachmann Turner Overdriven

January 27, 2011

No it's Not!

CNN is reporting that the Bush league era, color-coded Homeland Security Advisory System, is about to be extraordinarily renditioned to a secret CIA torture site in Spokane, Washington.

Evidently, Spokane was chosen to house the old terrorist color coding system, because no one ever really pays attention to anything that occurs out there anyway.

I know it’s true, because CNN told me it was.

I think we need to take CNN seriously, as they’re the ONLY network to have brought you the magic that was the Michele Bachmann/Teabanging response, to the conservative Obama and his SOFTU address.  You should also take the Lens seriously, because I get most of my inside information from Henry Rolon…Custom and Border Protection’s acting assistant commissioner for public affairs.  Thanks Henry!

Sure my inside info on all things Homelandish is tainted.  But just like CNN and the media empire that owns Spokane, we all expect you to buy what we’re selling.  I’m no Ted Turner, but I have taken photos of Jane Fonda.  I’m no W. Stacey Cowles, but I have fought while drunk at Flaherty’s.  I don’t have the wherewithal to build a shopping mall out of lies and public funds, but I do miss the skywalk.

Many media outlets of the Homeland are pushing the Homeland approved agenda.  So when you hear that Glenn Beck believes the Cowles media empire to be at least as sound as Prosecutor Steve Tucker’s golf game…you’ll know you should be reading the Inlander.

Like the CIA/Fairchild torture school, located by the ancient Kalispel hunting grounds and their Airway Heights casino…CNN has foisted Michele Bachmann upon you as if she were a Palin.  This of course allows the Cowles Review/Tucker show, to then make the news and report on it as if it were real.

It’s all a bit like a vacation at a Mitchell and Jessen torture motel.

Like Chris Peck used to say…I haven’t had enough coffee to tie all this shit together for you…so make sure you watch Q6 News between 0430 and 0700, or 1700 and 1730, or 1800 and 1830, or 2300 and 2335 for more!!

I think we’ve all just been Bachmann, Turner Overdriven.

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