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PNAC for the Win!

January 18, 2011

The old men in the Project for a New American Century, dreamed the dream of the Homeland that you live in today. Fear rules the day, while the never-ending Obama wars and torture, keep the progressive voting marchers away.

If Bush had done half of what Obama has ignored…co-ops across the Homeland would be empty and the well punctuated and spelled signs of the progressive marching, Democrat voting white folks of America…would park the Prius and hang Petraus.

Metaphorically Palin speaking of course…

4th and Millions

The various artsy non-profits of the Homeland, are now having to beg the Paul Allen Foundation for a fraction of what he pays his Seahawks, Blazers or caterers.

Governor Gregoire is having to slice our lousy education system and dice our fabulously effective health and mental well-being system, because Tim Eyman hated making watches.

Perhaps the artsy non-profits and school districts of the Homeland should take up football, basketball or even Teabaggery?   There are no shortage of well to do billionaires who’d rather field a team or fund some racists…than help educate a generation or two.

Being all we can really be, instead of what they want us to be…does not a submissive Homeland make.

Those of you needing anything resembling Socialisty Health-Scare, sorry.  Suck it up.  The Seahawks will be giving Hasselbeck another few years, to make damn sure that the Hawks will be about as competitive as the Blazers.

In other words…mediocre sports teams are always better than a healthy, well-educated populace, that might just fight back.

It’s just business and yes it’s personal.

So on this, the day after the 3 day weekend of change, let us look at your Social Security safety net of socialism…that no Tea Bagger has ever used.  Better keep a hand on your guns and an eye on your Medicare…I hear one of ’em are next.

In Obama’s Homeland, progressives just shop, while Dick Cheney, Rove, Yoo and Bush fear nothing but their dreams.

In Obama’s Homeland, we fear marijuana, Muslims, education and the rule of law…to the tune of so many trillions upon trillions of dollars…it’s not even worth mentioning.

Apparently, Osama bin Laden and Ralph Nader know us
better than us.

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  1. January 18, 2011 14:27

    The arts always get screwed first. 😦

    Socialist Insecurity will be next in line with full benefits to be given out when the worker turns 77.5 and then the death panels will do even more to restore the government’s prescribed natural balance by cutting off medical care to cancer patients, cardiac patients, stroke victims and diabetics.
    Just wait…it will happen.


    • January 18, 2011 17:09

      Sarah and her death panels are alive and well in Arizona…I’m going to Cuba for my next toothache, as the VA is about as helpful as a CIA drone in Yemen.

      Art always suffers the wrath of those who supposedly work for us. Imagine a populace that was educated and able to produce more artists than mercenaries.
      When art and books become more important than what Glenn Beck pulled out of his ass…the world will certainly be a tad bit better…


  2. January 19, 2011 05:16

    The VA is a strange creature.
    Two of my all time fav teachers are from Cuba and China and have beautiful teeth, as well as being exceptionally fun people.

    I never understood the big deal/fear about someone who’s from a communist country.

    I understand the big deal about being from Alaska.

    Just remember, no matter how they try to spin it……hunting for animals and humans is not art.


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