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Of Bombs and Men

January 19, 2011

Like President Obama’s wars on WikiLeaks, marijuana and Islam…The best laid bombing schemes of mice and men / Go oft awry.

As many semi-sane online outlets have been trying to remind us, WikiLeaks isn’t even considered a threat by those who supposedly fear it the most.  All of the histrionics about national security being besmirched by a WikiLeak, are bullshit.

We’ve been Besmirched!  Besmirched I tell ya!!”

Come on, we already know about the war crimes, the torture and the empire ending profits for Boeing, Blackwater and Lockheed Martin…we just don’t give a shit.

In Spokane, Washington, the training of cowards to torture POW’s still goes on.  If I were the FBI looking into yet another cowardly bombing attempt in Spokane…I’d start by knocking on the front gate of JPRA West.  Try using the Northern Quest Casino shuttle from Airway Heights.  It probably stops at JPRA’s gate every 12 minutes.      

James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen started their psycho torture regime at JPRA West, because teaching Airman to resist the torture of our enemies…no longer got Bruce and James off.  Getting paid to reverse engineer SERE School Techniques…to make the brown-skinned POW scream…now that, that got Bruce and James off.  Off and rich.

All white supremacists are not made in Idaho.  But most of the CIA torture at Guantanamo, Camp Nama and Abu Ghraib…was made in Spokane.  Not a fantastic selling point when trying to entice the tourist dollar.

Or is it?

I like Spokane.  For the most part, Spokane is just like everywhere else.  It has great parks, food, outdoor recreation, cop’s shooting their employers, Gonzaga, bombings and torture training facilities to better torture the POW’s with.

Where?  How?  Where and how do these cowards learn to hate?

Spokane. It is indeed part of the glorious Homeland…where we want one thing, but get a whole nother ugly thing that most of us never asked for.  Except you know, we did, when we fail do anything about the Mitchell’s, the Jessen’s or the Rove’s.

The best laid bombing schemes of mice and men / Go oft awry…And not one of the ample bosom scanners at Spokane International, will ever catch a domestic, bomb placing coward, who just wants things to go back to the way it used to be…
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