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WikiLeaks is Media

January 5, 2011

WikiLeaks is media…because the media is dead.

The media is dead…because it’s the fourth branch of your government.

Our government does not listen to any of us.  Be you Teabanger, liberal, conservative, independent or Richard Clarke…we are the enemy.

Or we’re food.  Have you seen Food Inc?  I’m certain that the pink meat-like paste, soaked in ammonia for our protection, contains a fair amount of Soylent Green.  It would explain many things…

WikiLeaks is media, because the fourth estate is to Obama, as Obama is to Bush, as Bush was to your momma.

WikiLeaks is media, because what we spend on defense, is far disproportionate to what we spend on books, schools, clean water and safe food.

Not happy with your local budget woes or your Governor of the Democratic persuasion?  Too Goddamn bad.  Thank K street.  Thank those affordable wars.  Thank the media.

The wars are not being lost by E-2’s, E-4’s and E-6’s. They’re being lost by the private corporations like Blackwater, Boeing and the CIA.

Some of us are fighting back.  Veterans for Peace…I’ve taken them to task for parading around the block with their fancy, correctly spelled signs.  It’s no WTO, but it’s something.  And it’s frightening the agencies that fear us.

The keepers of the Homeland, be it CIA2, Booze Allen Hamilton or Janet Napolitano…all fear the light of day.  They fear the internets, they fear real media and they fear that a few of us, might just say enough.

If we had a media keeping the government in check, there would be no WikiLeaks.  If Julian Assange was attempting to tell the world of the crimes committed by the military regimes in Iran or China, instead of the Homeland that was America…well, I think instead of hunting him, Hillary would be buying Julian a lovely handbag from the Real Monica!

So the next time you bite into your burger of freedom, keep your fingers crossed that you’re not enjoying your long-lost cousin…keep your spirits high and keep your head down, because there are dead birds falling from the sky.

Stay tuned to your local and national news at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00 for more of the same.

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  1. Tenzing permalink
    January 5, 2011 20:26

    love the dollar bill-covered coffins.

    re “WikiLeaks is media, because what we spend on defense, is far disproportionate to what we spend on books, schools, clean water and safe food”. . . .

    Let’s rephrase that to tell a truth: “what we spend on international and domestic terrorism.”

    This is the world’s leading terrorist nation (and a lot of that terrorism is now focusing inward).


  2. January 6, 2011 10:39

    Just where did the ‘leather’ on that cop’s belt and his ‘gonna beat your face’ gloves come from?
    Stolen rights. Stolen skin. When you become soylent, you become silent.

    I’ve seen some of those gloves close up on clenched fists. That kind of grip used on a corn dog stick or a pie fork.


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