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Check and Mate

January 4, 2011

President Obama, ever the deep thinking capitulator for Boeing that he is…has kept the liberal elites busily guessing which Bush era policy he might adopt and strengthen next.

The president has also kept the liberal Teabanger elites busy with important things like birth certificates, gifts to big pharma disguised as health care and of course…the color of his skin.

Chicago Change

I could drone on and on about the economy ending BushBama wars… just like a houseful of brown-skinned Afghan kids— just before they’re blown up by a 22 year old in Vegas…but I don’t want to bother your beautiful minds with such things.

Perhaps the kids over at Democratic Underground were right!  The president has been playing a brilliant game of chess all along…and he’s only just begun!  The jobs and wealth created by Obama’s wars against the brown-skinned, will eventually trickle down to us just before the rapture.

So if the president hires William Daley of JP Morgan Chase and other Chicago crime fame…you should just say thank you and shut the fuck up.

Happy Tuesday you liberal Teabanging elites of the Homeland!  And keep in mind, it wasn’t Ralph Nader’s lock box that sunk Gore in 2000…it was yours.

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