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Submit and Don’t Eat the Fish

November 18, 2010

TSA Chief John Pistole, wants us to believe that the ‘e’ in Pistole is silent.  I believe this is because Pistole rhymes so well with frijole.  You say pistol, I say Boehner.  Boehner, pistol, frijole…it matters not, because Mr. Pistole will still require that you submit to the Homeland’s crotch grab for freedom.

Submit to the Pistole!

Submit or don’t fly.  Is this not Southwest Airlines new motto?

I read that over 80 percent of Teabangers polled, support the TSA’s crotch viewing and or rubbing for freedom.  Of course the fact that only 1.2 percent of those same Teabangers polled, have even set foot in an airport in the last 25 years…so you know, take that poll with a grain of Israeli white phosphorus.

Speaking of WMD’s!!  The Hanford Nuclear wasteland, located just south-west of Clint Didier’s socialist farm of Marxism…is reportedly so contaminated with radiation and other nuclear tomfoolery, that officials are saying we should just submit and go along quietly.

So fellow patriots, when flying home for Thanksgiving, keep this mind.  Your wife will leave you for the lesbian TSA agent…that just introduced your betrothed to the finger of freedom. I find this fact…very comforting.

For those of you living within a 700 mile radius and or downstream of the Hanford Nuclear Reservation of Death…I offer my condolences, but you must submit and for fucks sakes, don’t eat the fish!

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  1. jjrad permalink
    November 19, 2010 07:56

    Hey, lighten up Lens. Sure, you and I may be within range of the toxic shitbucket known as Hanford, but come on. Things could be worse?? Maybe??How about some coverage of the royal engagement?
    Reality is such a bummer Dude. A major Bummer.


    • November 19, 2010 09:51

      Hey! I caught some of the endless royalty coverage…I’m covered in goose steps for them.

      The whole Hanford thing is soooo over done, yes?

      I wonder if the Hanford runoff is what makes McMenamins damned tasty?


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