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The Cabo Wars

November 19, 2010

You know, goddammit, just when you thought the Homeland would get all safe, sane and ‘conservativy’ again…the GOP and it’s inbred Teabanging cousins, went and spoke out loud.

Joni Balter from the Seattle Times, is a third kissin cousin removed from the quitter from Wasiller.  This is important to remember, just in case Joni ever editorializes you pansy airline customers, to just shut the fuck up and do as you’re told.  Yes, you’ll have to actually click the link to read Joni’s words of patriotic poppycock.

After reading Joni’s phallic editorial, I was left wanting something just a tad less phallic.  Lucky for me, it wasn’t long before the President of Texas went and waved his soft tool of secessionism in the air and declared that it was about time for us to invade Mexico!! 

President Perry went on to say that according to those in the know, there appears to be smoking guns and mushroom clouds in the shape of Mexicans down there…and perhaps all we need to do is spread some Democracy down Cabo’s way, rid it of the brown-skinned evildoers and place Sammy Hagar in charge of the whole God forsaken

Que Sorpresa!!

Today’s post of patriotic war-like stuff, was brought to you by Rapiscan’s Michael Chertoff , progressive Democrats and Cabo Wabo Tequilia!

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