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The Other Government Agency

October 28, 2010

Are you down with OPP?, used to be the question of the day.  Being down with OPP could be fun, but it could also get you beat up, killed or infected with a social disease.

Social diseases of the early 1990’s were far less painful, than waiting for a coherent Twitter from the Palin disease of today.

Today’s social diseases require that you be down with the OGA.  The OGA is a lot like the OPP, in that they both use other peoples property, to screw our made up enemies for profit and hopefully, some pussy.  If my usage of the word property bothers you…then you probably aren’t getting any pussy.

Lack of OPP leads directly to the OGA.  The Other Government Agency is full of brainwashed humans who believe that their lack of OPP, is directly related to OBL.

Now if you’ve been paying attention, OBL was trained by the OGA, to infect the Soviet Union with a secret social OGA disease…by way of your U.S. Congress and some of the same rich folks who own the

Come on peoples, try to pay attention.  

Without the wars on drugs, Islam and common sense, there will be nothing left for the OGA to fight…except those Homelandians who will not go quietly.

Take Randy Weaver and Farooque Ahmed for example.  Randy was a cult member, who had delusions of grandeur…but was pretty spot on when it came to the Homelands OGA’s.  Farooque Ahmed is an American-Pakistani, who is also a cult member with delusions of grandeur…but was pretty spot on when it came to the Homelands OGA’s.

The lesson you cult members should take away from Randy and Farooque…is that anyone claiming to be al-Qaeda operatives…are always going to be part of the OGA.

There you have it!  The entire enchilada all laid out for you.  The OGA’s run the show, because they can’t get any OPP.  Who’s lackin OPP?…“all the OGA homies!”

Try and pay attention peoples.

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  1. barman permalink
    October 28, 2010 13:23

    Shoulda put Cheney and his gang in jail while we had the chance.

    But then again, that’s your point, isn’t it?

    take care, lens.


    • October 28, 2010 15:22

      Well there you go again barman…taking my semi-thought out, lengthy analysis of our troubles and reducing it to a couple of words.

      I guess if I had to pinpoint my point…My point started as young lad growing up in Indiana…the summers were hot; as they should have been and the farm girls were not…as they too were meant not to be?…

      Ok, you’re right barman.
      Keep that snow blower handy this winter!


  2. barman permalink
    October 28, 2010 21:21

    From separate trajectories we reached the same conclusion…most of American public life is bullshit, and as I listen to another heap thrown by dino, and look at McMorris-Rodgers curled up behind Boehner, I grow….pensive.

    Good thing my snowblower clears shitstorms too.


    • October 28, 2010 22:16

      Jesus, don’t get me started! Nice that some of us from separate trajectories, are able to grasp that we’re all in this shitstorm together.

      My points tend to get buried in the onslaught of crap, that I hurl at the walls of the blog-o-sphere…but time is short…and the beer will stay cold for only so long.

      Thanks barman.


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