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Enron’s Connected to the Xe Bone

October 30, 2010

Holy shit it’s 0920hrs on Saturday!  The pretend rally for sanity and fear in DC is in full swing…and will accomplish the same thing that voting for a Demo-Republican will.  Absolutely nothing.

The “change”  you desire is just a Tea Bag away from the honky Rapture.  The National Review wants to murder Julian Assange and you’re Department of Homeland Security hates your freedom, to the tune of more than 80 billion funded public school dollars.  Per year!  Yeah!

The Safer Texas Campaign would like someone to prove to them that marijuana is less likely to cause a Texan to kill his wife, than say…the evil and Godless Tequila, that is obviously smuggled to the Homeland in the sweaty crotches of illegals.

Jon Stewart can’t save you from yourselves, George W. thought he shot down flight 93 on 9/11 and Charlie Sheen is still partying like it’s fucking 1999.

Fucking in 1999 was certainly more fun than fucking in 2010.  I am as certain of this as the Lehman Brothers are of the fact…that we’re dumber than a bag full of Christian condoms.

Enron’s connected to the Xe bone…and that’s just the way it is.

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