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Guantanamo, Guantanamo, My Kingdom for a Guantanamo!

October 27, 2010

Rand Paul, Change We Can Believe In!

I think it was George W. Bush who once tried to say it best, “Son of a b-b–bbb…b-bi…b..b-bitch!”

The frightened peoples of the cults are taking over.  Former government employees who had gotten away with war crimes, are now very upset with WikiLeaks and Julian Assange.  From Christian Whiton to the Washington Times to Admiral Mullen hisself…all are on record as being complicit and all want WikiLeaks and Assange to be treated as an enemy combatant of the Homeland…and then strung up like our strange fruit of the not so distant past.  

Karl Rove, because he has not yet been euthanized for his crimes, remains free to speak his mind on your TeeVee.  Karl says things like “45 percent of NPR listeners were Saddam Hussein,” because Karl would know…he was at the CIA briefings that explained very, very slowly to George W., that Hussein knew too damn much.

Those who used to oppose the made up wars for Boeing’s profit, also disliked the fact that we were torturing and murdering Iraqi and Afghan/Pakistan/Yemen (place any brown-skinned human here)…civilians, for having had the audacity!, to be actual brown-skinned humans, who just happened to be living where our oil and no bid defense contracts were located.

The Democrat voting, antiwar protesting crowds are all gone now.  Obama won and the made up Bush wars for profit, along with the torture, murder and rape for the empire…is okely dokely alright with them.

Some advice for the Congressional Democrat, who would like to keep their corporate paid gigs…take the rest of this mid-term election cycle and threaten to impeach President Obama.  Impeach him for the same thing the antiwar crowd wanted to impeach Bush for.  Impeach him for a blow job…who cares!  Put impeachment back on the table, look back, not forward and watch your fortunes rise!!

This post was not brought to you by Boeing or British Petroleum.  They bought you Norm Dicks and Dino Rossi.

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