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Cheaper than a Starbucks Gun Show

March 20, 2010

Guns and proses aside, tomorrow, Sunday in Seattle, there will be an opportunity for the citizens of the Homeland (Blaine Sector) to gather, protest, network and or yell at the nearby shoppers and tourists.

Be you Democrat, Republicrat, hipster or Ron Paul himself, your Homeland is still spending more money on the fake wars for Boeing, than Sarah Palin wants for her second book.

It’s been seven years since the start of the Iraq occupation.  Perhaps those of you in the Blaine Sector tire of the price, the death and the lies?  Then get off your couch of apathy, stop blaming Ralph Nader and show up around 1130 am, tomorrow, Westlake Center.  Voice your displeasure.  Maybe a few bloggers will show up as well?

It’s safer than a Seattle hot dog, cheaper than the aforementioned Starbucks gun show and more fun than a tea party at
Tim Eyman’s place.

See y’all there.
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  1. barman permalink
    March 21, 2010 10:58

    Wish I was there, lens. I’m tracking Hannity’s latest scam, reading Goldy and Ridenbaugh report on the Tea Party folks saying only niggers and fags need health care. I’m feeling left out, and Syracuse is whacking the Zags.

    I’ll yell off my back porch.

    I’m still reading ya, pal. Keep it up.



    • lens1 permalink*
      March 21, 2010 19:16

      My condolences barman…another semi early exit for the Zags.
      I’m taking it much better, now that I’m less fanatical about them. Oh man, those Casey Calvary days!

      Yeah, the teabaggers. That DC display showed them for the lead poisoned minds that they are. I’m sure I’ll be getting to that story soon…

      Seattle was alright, several hundred thousand showed up! But then I count like a teabagger, so maybe I’ll revise that number later.

      I’m working on photos from today and will have some words to say at some point!

      Thanks barman…good to hear you’re still checking out the VLens.


  2. March 21, 2010 19:20


    Thanks for getting the word out to the Blaine Sector.

    I would have missed this if it wasn’t for your blog.

    Great event, great people, no rain, and the Seattle Police Dept. was extremely professional in in setting up and providing escorts on the march route.

    Very glad I made it over there.



    • lens1 permalink*
      March 21, 2010 19:46

      Hey no prob man, glad you were able to make it.
      Yeah, the Seattle PD is pretty good about these events/marches…WTO kind of chilled them out a bit. But every event I’ve been to in Latte Town, they’ve been very professional. Now Portland. There’s a whole nother can O pepper mace of a story…

      I’m working on today’s pics, I’ll fire off an email to you asap, when they’re done.

      Nice catch on the Blaine Sector as well, Homeland in the form of ICE, drove by a few times today too! Hey Guy’s!

      Thanks Alex


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