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Teabagged by Design

March 22, 2010

The Teabagger branch of the Republikkkican party, has kindly reminded the rest of the apathetic Homeland, that our GMO crops, corn syrup and chemical laden water, have claimed the minds of several generations of idiots.

You’ve no doubt caught wind of the failure of the fourth estate.  If not, I pity you.

The fake wars, the evil doers, the torture of POW’s and the talking points of racists, were sold to you by the fourth estate.  The Teabaggers we were told, were a legitimate group of concerned Homelandians, who are sick of taxes, big government and the Marxist/Socialist/Communista style health scare and or stuff.

Here’s the Vigilant Lens hint of the day…stop watching your teevee.

It lies, like a Republican.

Racist teabagger’s=Republican Party.  They are one in the same.

The healthscare distraction distracted us from the fake wars for over a year now.  There is still no accountability for the war crimes of Bush and the Cheney.  No accountability for the torture, the upcoming torture, or the wars on Mexicans and the evil devil weed, marijuana…that is better for you than cough medicine and or voting in Ohio.

One million dollars is no longer enough to retire on, thanks to the Bush/Cheney depression.  I think many of us would be lucky to have 1200 dollars to retire on, but yeah thanks for thinking about us.

Insurance executive criminals are still getting multimillion dollar compensation packages, because they want to.  And because they like to be manicured, high-priced hand jobs are high-priced and they’ve also grown accustom to their lifestyle choices of fucking over the middle-class and poor humans of the Homeland.

It’s the fake wars and torture stupid.  It will not go away.

Teabaggers?  Fuck them.  They’re a poorly crafted distraction, by the very same people who fear the Hague.

The next time you hear the old media mention the baggers, just watch my super secret Teabagger surveillance video, passed on to me by the Border Patrol.  Then stop watching your teevee.

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