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Homeland Enhancement

December 28, 2009

If you think like a frightened political operative, then you’d probably resemble Mary Matalin.  Mary, Dick, Dana Perino and Dicks Liz, are all doing their best to enhance the Bush legacy, which as rumor has it…is lacking in length, width and substance.

Fortunately, you can’t enhance what God gave Bush with stupid, made up fantasies.  Bush did not inherit 9/11.  Bush did however inherit the intellect of a 14-year-old, paint chip eating, lead poisoned child.

Speaks volumes about those of you who voted for this brain-damaged child.  Twice.

Four times if you hail from Florida.

Anyone who has spent more than 35 seconds away from cable teevee news, knows, that the entire Bush Administration and it’s FBI, ignored reports of Osama disciples training at flight schools in Arizona and Minnesota.

In using the former Bush Doctrine as my guide, (now known as the Obama Doctrine for those of you playing along in Wasilla, Mrs. Palin) we should have been bombing Arizona and Minnesota for about a decade now.   Then, as “things” progressed, we would install corrupt government officials to run the new territories.

I think Sheriff Arpaio would have made an excellent corrupt official of Arizonnesotastan.

Which of course brings us to poor Director of the Homeland, Janet Napolitano.  She is taking heat for the failures of her Orwellian agency of mismanaged, underpaid burger flippers, who are our front line of protection against the evil doers and other humans that just want a quick bite to eat.

What the fuck could go wrong?

“We” did not listen to FBI agents in the field, “we” did not listen to Richard Clarke, while Bush and his babysitters failed to retain these words when they read “Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S.,” “possibly with airliners and such.”

You’re patriotism laced, Vigilant Lens hint for Monday is as follows.  Want a safer, enhanced Homeland?  Better schools, jobs and free porn?  Try asking your K Street owned Congresshuman to put an end to the pretend wars on children in mud huts.  Arrest everyone in the Bush Administration along with Norm Dicks and then maybe, just maybe, we can go back to killing our fellow Homelandian’s here in the Homeland and call it good.
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  1. Ginger permalink
    December 30, 2009 13:11

    Good suggestions. Of course, they won’t ever be adopted.

    Little story about airline security:

    I don’t fly much, but not long ago the family had a particularly travelsome year. Six or more flights in the space of a few months. I had the same handbag with me the whole time. On the very last flight, out of Saskatoon International, I was stopped at the security check because I had a knife in my bag. The very same knife I’ve kept in my bag for years. A Victorinox Spartan.

    This knife had traveled (forgotten) in the same pocket in my handbag all summer, through numerous security checks at many airports. But they caught it Saskatoon.


    Because at every other airport going through security was a cattle call. At Dulles I’d arrived eight hours early for an early morning flight, hoping to avoid the crush. I should not have bothered since the security check point did not open up until just an hour or so before the flight, and right away there was the exact same crush and rush of travelers being pushed through the check point. At every airport it was the same. Hundreds of people shoved through security as swiftly as possible. Fumble with your bag and piss off everyone around you.

    But not at Saskatoon. They had adequate staffing. We did not have to wait in line. We could chat with the security people who were looking us over. They could chat with us. They had the *time* to actually *look* at my bag as it went through the xray.

    And there was the knife. Right where it had been all summer.

    Give people the ability (and dignity!) to have the time to actually do their jobs, and we’d have a much pleasanter, and safer experience when we fly.

    Of course, that won’t ever happen, because that would cost the bosses more money. So it’s never even suggested as a solution.


    • lens1 permalink*
      December 30, 2009 14:32

      Sounds right to me. Hurry up and wait, then cram us through security and hope for the best.

      Meanwhile, Senator DeMint and others of his ilk, fear TSA workers getting unionized…because you know, job security, training, benefits and such, do not make employers or Congress happy.

      But it does not surprise me that Canada or most everyone else, has their security and or shit together better than us…


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