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DeMint is to DeUnion as DeNugent is to DeStupid

December 29, 2009

Hawkish Draft Dodger

Senator DeMint hates terrorists, unions and black presidents, this much we know.

Senator DeMint is holding up the appointment of Erroll Southers, President Obama’s choice to head up the TSA.  Erroll is a former FBI Special Agent and counterterrorism expert.  That’s several light years removed from your typical TSA gate agent or Border Patrol human.

Now we know even more about DeMint.

DeMint is holding up this appointment because he fears that this former FBI agent/counterterrorism expert, might just be down with TSA workers joining a union.

Now we know all about DeMint.

DeMint is from South Carolina.  Boeing loves South Carolina because South Carolina hates unions. Governor Mark Sanford is the God-fearing, lying fornicator of South Carolina.  He loves union free Boeing labor as well as South American women.  Ted Nugent is not from South Carolina.  Though he could pass for one.  Ted does enjoy lying, draft dodging, South American women, Representative Joe Wilson, freedom for free, as well as union free labor.

Ted also hates the black president.

Now we know way too much about DeMint, DeNugent and
South Carolina.

Do you know where your 8 hour work day comes from?  How about that 40 hour work week?  Breaks?  Vacations?  Overtime pay?  Holidays?  Minimum wage, safe working environments, raises, health/retirement benefits, and child labor laws?

They sure as hell did not come from today’s Boeing, a DeMint or
a DeNugent.

You know what they say, nothing could be finer than union free labor, DeLies and DeStupid…in DeCarolinas.
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