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Bush League Logic

December 27, 2009

Connect the dots America!

Senator Joe Lieberman says that we should preemptively strike Yemen via a new war on Iraq while simultaneously attacking Iran, Syria, Afpakistan, North Korea, Cuba, Mexico, Venezuela and Oregon…because the attempted bomber of the Detroit bound aircraft is from Nigeria.

The biggest surprise so far?  Healthscare is all but forgotten and Joe has yet to mention 9/11 or mushroom clouds.

Look for enhanced Patriot Acts and walls going up around Detroit, followed by decades of never-ending wars on dirt poor nations and humans who lack running water or TV’s.  This way, our newest enemies will be really thirsty and unable to watch themselves being invaded on CNN.

I guess this Lieberman plan beats the shit out of attacking China.

WTF is wrong with you Connecticut?

  1. Ginger permalink
    December 28, 2009 16:32

    That raised fist Lieberman’s exhibiting is just soooo wrong in so many ways.


  2. tenzing permalink
    December 30, 2009 18:30

    yes. you can smell the death in his armpits. 45,000 americans per year due to lack of health insurance.

    then there’s the little matter of the dead in iraq, afghanistan, pakistan, gaza, yemen. . . .

    joe’s real hawkish when it’s other people’s heads on the chopping block, especially when it means he and his wife can rake in tons of dough from ‘special’ interests–and when he feels the voters are a bunch of weak do-nothing schmucks who will do nothing to defend themselves or their country against the ruling elite.


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