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July 13, 2019


3 dead zones over
no swap meets
just 17 harbor freights






Gentrify With Benefits

July 7, 2019

Feels like it’s time to go again—
maybe to a nice laboring place
before the art, craft cocktails and new rent kick in.



Blank Marfa Stare

July 7, 2019

the usual first art walk of the month was quite the



Sisyphus’ Yelp Review of the 4th on the 5th

July 5, 2019

Even though I’d read some negative comments about the empire, I went anyway and enjoyed yesterday’s freedom explosions as if I were Hank Moody. Today, I stumbled on back to the wife, the parenting and my Lockheed engineering position as Hank Moody again and everything seems just the same.




Sure Craigslist Killed the Stenography Star

June 29, 2019


The centrist, what wars? art-pusher and her “Gentle Revolution for the Woke But Squeamish,” want to remind you that this is not their country, and this is not who we are. As a free news, art, poetry, grammarin producer and pointer outer of all the lead-based water about, I would like to remind that Meghan McCain’s Father™ and Sarah Palin lost the Empire’s CEO/CFO positions by two First Saturday art crawls that ran out of free wine even before the plastic cups.



Reagan’s Socialist Cheese

June 26, 2019

Imagine a people so inebriated propagandized and insane, that they just keep building parking garages for the upcoming ‘Climate Death Tour‘ packages that will only be available for just a few unhinged years longer.




Centrist Boeing Defense Engineer Takes a Short Break From It

June 25, 2019


For the lack of any real movement left, Wayne spent a few hours looking at where ‘Furthur‘ had been parked on Ken Kesey’s farm by successfully employing the robber baron setting on Google maps. Wayne, being the good lanyard wearing Homelandian that he is, allowed himself a little smile at the merry prankstering, and did then get back to designing some better bombs for them all.



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