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You! Yes, You Behind The Co-op, Drop The Kombucha Laddy!

December 9, 2016

If you don’t know any truth, you can’t have any.
How can you have any truth if you don’t know any?


Bezos Devouring His Son

December 7, 2016

words of their own demise
have been frequently misunderestimated


Toss In Any Direction

December 6, 2016

hit a Raytheon window


The Histogram of War Profiteering

December 4, 2016

veterans for optimum exposure
are framed for the masses
then hung for the few on gallery stained walls


Last Wednesday Palin Walk

November 30, 2016

Those Kirby Vacuum salesman have
Sold more units to suspecting voters
Than previously reported. One might
Think suspecting voters, three out of

Four, could make it a quorum of thought
Suspectors. But no one is really paying
Enough close to call it attention. You know
That God though, did intervene.

Which brings us to the moment
At hand. Affairs with veterans.
Heroes only happen to those who don’t wait
For vetting to occur. I can’t be clearer than that.

There was a movie Todd and I watched
At least three times!—before qualifying the
Metaphor with a friend of that Joe McGinniss
Guy. Like Todd says, snowmobiles on your back door.

Really, it’s best to remember loud noises
Can have strange affects on those who’ve sacrificed.
But the long-term indifference is uninfected by knowledge
Of our team here…making decisions and going forward to the dryer swamps.


Manifesto Destiny

November 29, 2016


Hanford was your martial law before the internment camps never left
because Stumptown thought they were right.

New is as knew did.


Journalosting: Oh Now They’re Mad Edition

November 28, 2016

outraged liberal sources
raging against our same old trumps
just handed them Somalia the day before Kill List Tuesday


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