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Taking My Carhartts and Moving to Cicely

September 28, 2016

They come here for the extinct quirkiness
They leave here for the extinct rent


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Aisles Full of Demographics

September 26, 2016

one soft dinner roll slathered with butter
a dirty fork sits near two cans of generic corn
and the debate played on


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Optimistic Co-op

September 23, 2016

back when we were post-racial
we were really just post-bush
relying on the kindness of complete friends
to never speak of Afghanistan or Iraq while voting for death to Yemen


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Think Harder Piece Short

September 22, 2016

if one wins, there will be never-ending racism, bezos and war
if the other wins, there will be never-ending war, racism and bezos
if neither wins, there will be never-ending bezos, bezos and bezos
block the ports, block the pipelines, block the courts


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Fantasy Foolsball

September 18, 2016

can’t correlate any correlation,
better just learn to work
shop, eat, vote,


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Your Second Duran Duran Cassette Purchase Was The Revolution

September 16, 2016

Do not adjust your step before crushing the last honey bee,
for it is already too late.


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Me Either

September 15, 2016

Remember when Keith Olbermann was released from Guantanamo?


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