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Made for TeeVee

December 23, 2018

while hunting russsians, i liked a YouTube video of michelle obama sharing a candy with bush while both watched cheney waterboard a brown-skinned child in front of some new Amazon condos



Right-winging, Bitter-clinging, Proud Clinging Clinger-clingers Clinging

November 26, 2018

it’s the water
from the border,



Better Center-Left of Death Than Further-Left for Healthcare

November 24, 2018


not enough alternative newspapers left of noticing,
as one Prius passes another Prius
on state route 24 right next to hanford



Glamping During the End Times is Art

November 19, 2018

copyright @ The Vigilant Lens


amazon on both coasts
squeezing our bloated belly



Hashtag of the Vanities

November 9, 2018

Had a local news weathersayer told me 12 years ago that in 2018 the democrats would be marching to #ProtectMueller and an #IdiotRacistAG along with #WhatGITMO?, #OFFtheTable, #SavetheBankstersAgain or #KeepMitchellandJessenFree, I would have said yup.



It’s the pranKsy Stupid

October 30, 2018


fancy arts for sale.
not really, boom!
that’ll be 7.9 million thanks


Gentrify my Love

October 26, 2018

innkeeping with established norms,
american bomb manufacturers don’t kill people either



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