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Same Bombs, Same Profit, Similar Song

April 17, 2017

it falls upon art
to say something about the state of everything still.
it’s the air, the water, the food, the same missiles—stupid.



Art Walking Over Holden Caulfield’s Bunker

April 3, 2017

When liberal kill list Tuesday
gave way to Victoria Jackson Wednesday,
things changed for just the same.


Lanyard Camps

March 31, 2017

bomb, bomb, bomb them with condos
back to the pre-bezos age
reince, rahm, repeat


Weekend at Bernays: The Syndicated Years

March 21, 2017

another long-form think piece
about (enter trope here)
designed to point the reader in the general direction of it


Map Lines

March 18, 2017

But for the bearded tattoos,
seattle’s shit sinks like victoria’s shit.
Fool’s water, fools food, fools’ dead-but,
for the bearded tattoos.


World War Drool

March 13, 2017

one meltdown, two meltdowns, three meltdowns
might as well watch Tin Cup again.


There-Ⓐ-Flew Over the Carnage

March 8, 2017

She’s on a boat to another place.
Here we are bickering and bombing –
staying out of our minds.


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