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Glamping During the End Times is Art

November 19, 2018

copyright @ The Vigilant Lens


amazon on both coasts
squeezing our bloated belly



Hashtag of the Vanities

November 9, 2018

Had a local news weathersayer told me 12 years ago that in 2018 the democrats would be marching to #ProtectMueller and an #IdiotRacistAG along with #WhatGITMO?, #OFFtheTable, #SavetheBankstersAgain or #KeepMitchellandJessenFree, I would have said yup.



It’s the pranKsy Stupid

October 30, 2018


fancy arts for sale.
not really, boom!
that’ll be 7.9 million thanks


Gentrify my Love

October 26, 2018

innkeeping with established norms,
american bomb manufacturers don’t kill people either




October 24, 2018

10 years later,
after the last similar 16
that resembled all the previous ones too…


For That Nobel Cause

October 4, 2018


so let it be tweeted, that someone most certainly pointed out the inherent danger of not prosecuting war criminals and banksters lest some idiot child get control of the executive



Longforming Longread Published for Your Approval Short

October 1, 2018

Had we known the food, water and mortgages were poisoned, we’d probably have done something useful like bomb the idea of a universal wage (coupled with free healthcare and affordable housing!) back to the good times of 2011 when we didn’t care about any of those things either.



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