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Corporate War Still Sucks

January 18, 2018

Democrats say the fat man is a Putin-stooge puppet.
Democrats then vote to exceed the fat man Putin-stooge puppet’s war budget request.
Democrats say the fat man Putin-stooge puppet is also cheating on his wife.
Democrats have not yet dismantled the GEO Group ICE prisons-for-profit and deportation.
Democrats say fat cheating man/Putin-stooge puppet is an insane treason committer.
Democrats just voted to allow the crazy-fat cheating man/Putin-stooge/treason puppet, unlimited warrant-free spying power just like Obama and Bush had.

Your news, weather and traffic together.
Also, Guantanamo is your affordable healthcare.



Resist #Harder

December 29, 2017

skip the starbucks
flag the fake jobs and high rents on craigsListicle
boeing’s raytheon engineers will never scrub the toilets for lockheed’s jpmorgan chase


Thought Tanking: Just This Side of Iraq. Version 4.Still

December 27, 2017

me, waiting for change like it’s 2000 and nine
you, bought a new prius and donated to the latest art-scheme for higher rents across from the largest weapons-shipping operation on most any coast


‘Tis The Reason

December 8, 2017

All your social commentary are belong to Jeff.



MoMA Me This

December 5, 2017

Anonymous sources have confirmed to this outlet that nothing much has changed since our last report.



Nobel Cluster fuck Are We

November 30, 2017

…more reliable, and thus safer, cluster munitions” – Tony Clifton


The Gallery Walking Dead: Season 36

October 14, 2017

The machine appreciates it when you recycle your signs from the Bush administration to not reuse them once during the Obama years only to never have to operate them again during these same insane times depending on how erect your flag stiffens in the face of high rents and misdemeanors in Yemen.


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