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The PNW’s Only Alternative Newspaper of Reckoning

April 11, 2018


turns out that the
Democrat blood-lust for war
is as liberal as you want it to be



World War Yelp

April 7, 2018

I was told there’d be an experience. Yet I only experienced what I normally experience elsewhere but served up here somehow so differently that I will find a way to bring a Target with me when I move there if it’s the last thing I do to those people.” — Yelp Review Of Small Towne Marketing

Victorian Flush

April 6, 2018

an amazing arkeeol/arckiol/RKelly — archaeological discovery this week has for the “first time” shown us where almost all of the money for education, healthcare, affordable housing near livable wages and Monsanto-free foods across from the largest weapons depot on the weSt coAst just upwind of one of the planet’s largest stockpiles of nuclear weapons near a Forever 21 and an ironic Target store…goes


ABInBev With the Enemy

March 31, 2018

Checking in with Jeff Sessions’ and Eric Holder’s Alberto Gonzales War on Marijuana Smokers Who Desire Fewer Wars™ and all I found was desperate, mind-blowing need for free dental coupled with an affordable rent festival near public schools.



Fear and Influencing in Homelandia

March 29, 2018

the middle-of-the-rogue centrist columnist
noticed a pale shadow of her former self during the most recent equinox,
ensuring 16 more years of war and art grants


Black and White and Red Room Lodges

February 17, 2018


Diane…” – Agent Dale Cooper on almost anything


My 5th Grade Teacher’s Dodgeball Skills Would Have Killed Jeff Bezos

February 11, 2018

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