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The Anthropocene is Russian by Maddow Design

May 3, 2019


no one yet
is breaking into
vegetable stands
fruit markets
or the poisoned water distribution networks.
but wait. just you wait.


Read Everything Out Loud In Your Finest Tom the Priest Voice and Be There

April 22, 2019

Climate Crisis

Meeee and my Soprano gang…
headed dooowwwnnn the driveway in…flops,
underwearrrrr…and a robe,…
to grab the morning…….paper.
Whyyyy I might need…protection
from the morning news…
is a good question fooorrrr…
da therapist.


Plasticine Prius Parking at the Co-Op

April 20, 2019

Jane Fonda and Jerrold Nadler


Ban the bags at Bangor and be no closer to saving ourselves from Boeing or expensive healthcare near school librarians.



Russian Beer Wasn’t Brewed for Your Enjoyment: The Or Was It Years.

April 17, 2019


Homeland Security is pondering a new hunt for WMD classifications even as your doctor will probably get away with it. Like Cheney and #ProtectMueller! did. Which says much about even much more of the less, depending on how much and for how long, you’ve been drinking the Homeland’s WMD water. More or less.

Which brings me to many a beer week near colleges/high schools/tulip festivals and the incredible rents. More of the less for more…more or less.

Remember folks, DEFCON Homelessness 7 will only resolve itself in your beautiful-minded city, if and when another script reader gets a notion. About what, nobody really cares as long as you keep your hands off our poisoned food and water. More or less.




Run-on Kill List Handed from Clinton, to Bush, to Obama, to OMG Protect the FBI Man!

April 5, 2019


If more than one news pusher pointed out that had “we” been as Vigilant about our poisoned water flowing over the Monsanto’d food near trillion-dollar useless jets for bankster bailouts and the forever-wars as “we” have recently been about hunting Russians like bunny wabbits…heck fire! what an affordable rent near medicare for all those not pledging allegiances to Bill Gates’ charter schools might look like.


Noun Adjective Noun

March 22, 2019

Something short. Novel almost. That spells out the recurring disaster in slow-motion.
So as not to. Arouse. Suspicionless introspection.
Among the shoppers. Or the troops.


Change the Change: The Gentle Revolution! Years

March 15, 2019

some sort of art authority needed
to approve the mechanism by which
the reactionary Phở may foment



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