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There’s TSA in Every Factory of Meat

October 26, 2016

© The Vigilant Lens


Yet there’s flame retardant in all of your pumpkin spice


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Yellowcake Topped With Russian Dressing

October 25, 2016

The Clintons’ will bomb
Syria, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya and Yemen back to the Obama age
Until Russia attacks us with an even taller Patton Oswalt


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One Guy From Eugene Went to Little Beirut

October 20, 2016


and all we got was forwarded same


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With Liberal Friends Like These

October 19, 2016


Iraq Surge Again Still!
Because Democrat wars only kill those people who Dan Savage deems murderable.


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Peak Palin-Schilling

October 16, 2016

Question the shadow cast by a bulbless society.


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Good Homelandian

October 13, 2016

change is the same as yesterday
but better than that other day


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Full Mujahideen Circle Jerk

October 12, 2016


trying to explain the liberal war party crimes
to those ejaculating for the national anthem,
is like pretending Russia is the hand doing the stroking


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