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All My Heroes Come From Booz Allen

July 23, 2016

Convention number one down,
Next is number too.


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Incirlik Rocks

July 20, 2016

The hot action comes from flag burning,
because all that we know of Syria
came from what Drew Carey taught us of Cleveland.


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Plagiarizing Eastwood Chair Says What?

July 19, 2016

247 out of 10 Republicans polled believe that 10 out of 10 polled Democrats
repeatedly vote for the same wars that the 247 out of 10 Republicans do
making all those polled an oddly even agreeing 20


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Longform Wordsmiths Short

July 15, 2016

i caucused for Lockheed’s Raytheon
because caucusing for Boeing’s Bechtel
seemed too Booz Allen’s Fresh Del Monte


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War Correspondent

July 14, 2016

democrats will not protest democrat wars
republicans will protest condom usage by democrats
digital voluminous spoken word


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Ministry of Cake

July 13, 2016

let them get double-free Pokémon Go downloads
available only while searching for ISIS monsters
on the hanford nuclear reservation


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Bridge That Large Vertical Distance

July 10, 2016


there’s always an alternative to the obvious


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