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Even a Texas Geiger Counter is Right Once During Wartime

January 21, 2017

I find it educational that Rick Perry has already learnt himself somethin’ about Hanford while
many of us have yet to learn that the brother of Besty DEVOs was paid to bomb Africa for the most recent liberal president.



January 20, 2017

…times have never been more.


She Blinded Me to Yemen With Micturition

January 12, 2017


You can fool all of the voters with Russian golden showers some of the time, and some of the voters with golden showers in Russian all of the time, but you pretty much can fool all of the voters all of the time with golden showers in Russian every time.



I Can’t Has Russian Gluten?

January 7, 2017

you ignore the bombs of democrat indifference
i nod off with satisfied contrast
safe in the knowledge that the Flint story will be told by Cher


You Will Be a Symptomatic

January 3, 2017

Poetry should read like
You’ve been drinking lead-poisoned water for 100 years
Until no one questions the Bezos balls under our noses.


Last Friday Walking Near Art in Russian

December 30, 2016

just finished this painting of another boat floating
on the water during the daily setting of the sun
even as i’ve never heard the screams of my inaction
and i’ve never noticed the Pine Ridges of my hilarious garrison keillor
hell i can barely find a seat next to Dahr Jamail being seen at
the best little coffee house in the shade across the bay from dead obviousness


Minimalism Linked

December 26, 2016

there are answers to the dumbing
there are reasons for the complicit
the answer is in the dumbing
the reason is in the complicit


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