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Lab Tests Prove That Wearing DuPont Toughskins Was Probably The Revolution

February 18, 2020

Photojournalism: what is it?

an anthropocene tattoo
rides a harley into a dive bar
and the end comes as if we were a mall sears



Nurse Jackie’s Pharmacist Nation

February 7, 2020


ban breweries and wine enclaves,
re-awoke the vaccinated




Caucus Blocked®

February 5, 2020

caucus blokced


George: Well, we caucused Jerry!
Jerry: You what?
George: Caucused Jerry! Caucused!
Jerry: Are you sure?
George: Whadda ya mean? Of course we did.
Jerry: I think you might have Putin’d, George.
George: I didn’t Putin! No way! No, no, no!
Elaine: She tore it up Jerry.
Jerry: ?


Laugh Track

It’s Not Personal, It’s Just War-Blitzer Profiteering Business

January 15, 2020

in the forever at war economy,
the debate will not center on the above.

now watch this keystroke.





Lake Coeur d’Alene Flows in Matt Shea’s Direction: The MoMA Show

January 9, 2020


Thinking of blaming Iran for all the lead-based brain water but for the Monsanto’d DuPont food.




Sour Wine Caves

January 6, 2020

could spend an entire season
of better call saul
that never quite makes it to netflix yet,
pointing out the obvious old posts
but that seems like a lot of the above title sequence now




October 30, 2019

Pretend that Dick Cheney took control of everything 42 years ago by beating Kissinger at rousing game of “quarters” and know that to our credit, it took him several more decades to convince us to ban straws in a few cities.



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