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An Ai Weiwei Prison of Our Own Design

August 25, 2017

Remembering when Joon was considered
a menace to society,
now that the Lockheed and Raytheon engineer are still considered not.



This Gallery Walk Will Kill Fascists Better Than Several Others

August 2, 2017

Maybe Russia Venezuela ate your baby?


Reagan’s Cheese Gave Us the Trickle Downs

July 11, 2017


but his emails
but her emails
but my emails
your enemy bailed out wall street for raytheon, lockheed and martin marietta


Performance Art for Bezos

July 10, 2017


the consolidated antiwar movement coalescing


Russian Poutine

July 9, 2017

News smothered with distracting
Netflix original programming
topped with chunks of democrats
not wondering where all the war
profiteering money still goes
served on a bed of reusable canvas
bags near zero dental care
and incredible rents.


All Your Liberal Poets Are Belong To Us

July 4, 2017

8th of July.
freedom feeling harder to grasp,
four days after having blown two more fingers off


Johnny’s Deppth

July 3, 2017

Out here, they can hear me watching you scream.
It’s a visual thing.
It’s a silent thing.
Like Bob.


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