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Russian Facebooks and Other Performance Art

July 28, 2018


The Democrats will not fund any goddamn Trump Space Force!



Shorter Longform Journalism

July 26, 2018

How the actual art walk anyone is still watching (STILL!) TeeVee news coupled with all the Netflixed revisionism in this Amazonian dystopia does describe the trouble with water.



Quietly Question Austerity While in An Amazon Library

July 25, 2018

copyright @ The Vigilant Lens


If there are several things the welfare farmer doesn’t know, one of them is probably how well President Obama fought all of the Bush wars while starting new ones that Obama then handed off to the traitor that the Democrats keep voting to increase his treasonous Boeing’s Lockheed profiteering for?



New Traffickers and Lost Arts

July 24, 2018

copyright @ The Vigilant Lens

We’ve now got three local, sustainable roundabouts, for more vehicles than can park anywhere near the co-op, downtown, uptown, Safeway’s auxiliary lot, the port, QFC, the ferry terminal, Quimper-Swains, Don’s or even at the almost completed Salish Coast Elementary.

Newer, slower, and fewer times are here, there, and pretty much anywhere that used to be a somewhat affordable mill towne near water.


Occupy the Past and Grow Some Veggies I Guess

July 13, 2018

thought we had empire
on the ropes back then,
but nope and hope and worse became the same again



Never Knew no War-Free Economy

July 12, 2018

a small container of clam dip,
one large bag of cheap chips,
got yourself some PNW forever-reagan opioid chowda!


Tuesday Night Internment Camp Club

July 10, 2018


It’s a known unknown, easily searchable fact, that where there’s a senator there’s probably an internment camp coupled with multiple expensive wars near homeless and environmental emergencies downwind of zero healthcare and incredible rents



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