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Gone THING Gone

August 15, 2019

Got zero dental.
Healthcare is affordable and working great
every other place that we bomb.
Our bulletproof back-to-school backpacks also now come in varying shades of dead.



War During microbeer Time

August 13, 2019


Cornell on my radio gently screaming at the background.
I’m still here,
thinking of you near post-Bremerton.



Like a Wyland Bridge Over V-Pod Waters: The Sermon

July 27, 2019

And when the mountain goats fly over the Sound to some other gated community hills above the hubris, among the detritus…Wyland will return! to begin again his mural…his mural of the great dying fish (mammal!) on a hotel wall that is located…just downwind of the latest raw sewage spill equaling 3 million gallonsnear! the poisoned Duwamish, near! the PFAS, near! the forever-wars, near! the runoff of something like 6 million Puget Sounders with a nasty pumpkin spice N’ legal heroin problem.

Doll steak.
Test meat.
Pass the plate.



Shorter-Form Shortened Short in The Shorts

July 25, 2019


Report: Fukushima could give two hot kale’s what anyone thinks about Russia, Obama’s bombing of more-than 5 countries, or why someone is apparently still watching Grey’s Anatomy.




July 13, 2019


3 dead zones over
no swap meets
just 17 harbor freights






Gentrify With Benefits

July 7, 2019

Feels like it’s time to go again—
maybe to a nice laboring place
before the art, craft cocktails and new rent kick in.



Blank Marfa Stare

July 7, 2019

the usual first art walk of the month was quite the



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