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Nobel Prize for Bombing

June 29, 2017

my internet connection:
loads importance as fast as 1996
while the smart ones go about their business to us all


There’s No Art Grant for That

June 26, 2017

And CNN did not recall the reports of incubator babies eating yellow cake before sending Army Anthrax letters via aluminum tubes, Medicare, Judith Miller, public schoolin’ and war profiteering democrats who were consistently reelected way back before iNstaposted hammocks and food.



Fine Art perp Walking

June 19, 2017


The words haven’t changed,
just the minds of the reader who like their bombs better than those other same ones.


Resisting The Resistance’s Resistance to Resistance: Your Other Left Edition

June 18, 2017

without fear,
we’ll eat the fish that swims with our shit.
without fear,
we’ll eat the shit that swims with our fish.
have no fear,
we’ll shit where we swim while we eat.


And ABInBev Did Then Buy Amazon

June 16, 2017

An empire searching for a few Fukushima/Hanford/White Sugar downwinders to light the dumpster metaphor says what?


Constant Wars for the Vacation Rented

June 12, 2017

won’t see the weapons storage depot
for the organic kale harvested lovingly
from the fukushima’d dirt


Fined Art Walk

June 2, 2017


the revolUtion will be delivered
in 2 to 4 business days or slower,
via volunteer walmⒶrt worker


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