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Only 300 Some Odd Stupid Days Left Until 4JUL19

July 8, 2018

it’s 195 degrees in Siberia…
here’s to hoping your towne doesn’t ban straws
because it’s hard to hold that beer with only 3 remaining fingers.


Shorter Longform War

July 7, 2018


argued with liberal war-supporters
until there was no left
of brunch left


The Presidents of The United Amazon of Theatres

June 24, 2018

opioid chowder comes
from a bag
frozen in a factory prison near all your john yoos



Funny People in Vehicles Buying Stuff

June 17, 2018


…hey man, do what you want. It’s an Inverted Totalitarian Homeland.


This is Not My Beautiful Art Grant!

June 15, 2018




the practice of pointing out that anything happening today is a direct result of well-meaning Patriot Acted folks near flag days having ignored all the previous/today wars, internment camps and child prisons in places like every U.S. city since before your mom found Democratic Underground.



Three Seconds to Midnite Mine

June 13, 2018


the revolution will be gentle
rents will be incredible
liberal war ignorers stand trembling with palin at her Russian viewing window





Bezos Bezos-Golly

June 12, 2018

comet hale-bopp must be floating above the night sky again, for the democrats will not tolerate a peaceful downturn in raytheOn profits and the republicans do love a good bunk bed.



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