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Run-on Kill List Handed from Clinton, to Bush, to Obama, to OMG Protect the FBI Man!

April 5, 2019


If more than one news pusher pointed out that had “we” been as Vigilant about our poisoned water flowing over the Monsanto’d food near trillion-dollar useless jets for bankster bailouts and the forever-wars as “we” have recently been about hunting Russians like bunny wabbits…heck fire! what an affordable rent near medicare for all those not pledging allegiances to Bill Gates’ charter schools might look like.


Noun Adjective Noun

March 22, 2019

Something short. Novel almost. That spells out the recurring disaster in slow-motion.
So as not to. Arouse. Suspicionless introspection.
Among the shoppers. Or the troops.


Change the Change: The Gentle Revolution! Years

March 15, 2019

some sort of art authority needed
to approve the mechanism by which
the reactionary Phở may foment



Window of Co-Opportunity

March 12, 2019


Portland mayor Ted Wheeler’s learning curve about his police department and prosecutor is publicly steep. Privately, the curve is well-known and quite shallow.




#Resistance is Kylie

March 5, 2019

throw a dart at any map you are able to recognize
hit a lead-based, while perfluorinatedly compounded
Homeland water source


Worker Bee Proud

March 4, 2019

entertain me with bullshit
distract me with never-ending bills of health
you can even constantly remind the hive that the honey was always going to be just a free gift to those who invented the never-ending bullshit and bills for our health
and still
and so on
and so forth



Cerebral Collusion Contusion

February 25, 2019

spent the last 18 years
partnering with wall street, lockheed and booz allen
while shopping for Jeff’s Bezos


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