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#Resistance is Kylie

March 5, 2019

throw a dart at any map you are able to recognize
hit a lead-based, while perfluorinatedly compounded
Homeland water source


Worker Bee Proud

March 4, 2019

entertain me with bullshit
distract me with never-ending bills of health
you can even constantly remind the hive that the honey was always going to be just a free gift to those who invented the never-ending bullshit and bills for our health
and still
and so on
and so forth



Cerebral Collusion Contusion

February 25, 2019

spent the last 18 years
partnering with wall street, lockheed and booz allen
while shopping for Jeff’s Bezos


Several Some-Odd Climate and War Economy Blogging Years Later

February 20, 2019

and there’s reportedly some different change on the Raytheon horizon event.
now watch this tweet.


Made for TeeVee

December 23, 2018

while hunting russsians, i liked a YouTube video of michelle obama sharing a candy with bush while both watched cheney waterboard a brown-skinned child in front of some new Amazon condos



Right-winging, Bitter-clinging, Proud Clinging Clinger-clingers Clinging

November 26, 2018

it’s the water
from the border,



Better Center-Left of Death Than Further-Left for Healthcare

November 24, 2018


not enough alternative newspapers left of noticing,
as one Prius passes another Prius
on state route 24 right next to hanford



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