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Obama and McCain K-i-ss D-o-D

March 26, 2015

global war on your dime
it is endless
it is progressive
and it costs more than a dime


  1. March 26, 2015 10:58

    Ms. Cindy is the voice of antiwar. She paid admission in blood.

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    • March 26, 2015 15:42

      Yes sir, and she’s still out there at it. Wish I could afford to be back out there with her…

      Think I’ll break into some of my “old” Camp Casey era files and start posting some. Be a nice reminder for all the supporters of the Obama wars that…they are the same Bush wars plus!

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      • March 26, 2015 15:48

        Bush wars bad! Obama wars good!! Whatever.
        Bullshit is bullshit and doesn’t matter how you dress that bullshit up.


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