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Static On Your Safe AM Dial

March 20, 2015

so far to the middle-safe of crazy
but further right to the scary left of middle-safe of crazy
is lazy


  1. March 20, 2015 20:40

    Man! It takes so much brain power to get on your wavelength. Sometimes I try really hard. Other times I just smile and think you are awesome. I guess I am mostly lazy. But I appreciate that sometimes you inspire me to try harder. I also appreciate the laughs… somehow mixed with horror. So, if I’m not scary left, I’m lazy? Middle-safe is crazy but seemingly safe. And anything right of scary left is lazy. Because scary left is the place to be. Feeling a little Jameson hazy and some guilt of lazy.

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    • March 22, 2015 08:51

      Essentially, I was calling out the author of the political commentary piece about Chris Hedges talk in Spokane. I believe said author is a professor at Gonzaga who rails against all things crazy right, while ignoring the never-ending, same exact issues (wars/economy/racism/environment/NSA/CIA/FBI/Patriot Acts et al.) that never seem to quite dissipate when the middle-safe democrats pretend to be in power either. The good professor even ended up somewhat agreeing with Hedges crazy assertions in the end of the article, which seemingly makes folks like me, question the point of the whole exercise to begin with. Hence my link of laziness about CIA torture and zero arrests under the middle-safe era of transparent Fusion Centers. Also, Spokane has a direct link to said crazy right torture in Mitchell and Jessen that the middle-safe would rather just go away…by misdirecting all the middle-safe/crazy-right readers into agreeing that the scary left is scary.

      From there it just gets complicated and I’m not even sure I could translate me. This is why I’ve embraced the minimalism thing, otherwise it would just be nuts round’ here. With pictures. : )

      Thanks again myrsbytes, here’s to hoping more of us start questioning things. And professors too!



  2. March 23, 2015 20:52

    Hey Al. Thanks for the explanation. I think I now have a better handle on the scary left, lazy middle, middle-safe and crazy right :-). Sometimes I wonder if common sense really can generate such a wide selection of “truths”.

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    • March 24, 2015 08:40

      I used to hope that common sense might one day win out over corporate dogma/spin and patriotism. Change! was apparently coming to this Homeland…and well, I guess there’s always a cup of Starbucks #RaceTogether to open my mind a little. No wait… that didn’t work out so well either : )

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