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Breaking from the tortured arts for news of torture

December 10, 2014

Given what we knew about torture and when we knew about it (long ago)…it’s been a pleasure to see the return of readers to some of my old torture posts from the insane folks at DoD/CIA and their torturing accomplices from Germany, Virginia, Ireland, Spokane, Austria, Lithuania, Finland and beyond.

Welcome back.
Do us a favor and start with burning Mitchell and Jessen and we’ll see where it goes from there.

To my new readers, a quick word on this old torture news. I and many others, were quite active in the anti-war groups during the Bush…and less so during the Obama as most folks¬† Keeping this short and shorter, in the Senate report the names “Grayson Swigert” and “Hammond Dunbar” are pseudonyms for the psychologists Mitchell and Jessen, who had themselves quite the lucrative torture business set up in Spokane, Washington.

From there it gets messy.

Thanks for indulging me, just thought it appropriate to say hi to my old readership.
And now…back to the art-like stuff.

  1. December 10, 2014 13:12

    Way back in the day being post 9/11/01 and here we are December 2014 and not much has changed. We knew then and the “release” of Senate’s laughable report on torture is mostly an exercise in amoral banality. But then AmeriKKKa has become the bastion of amoral banality. The land of Crapageddon where the bullshit is liken unto a tsunami of ridiculous. AmeriKKKa’s patsy patriots sing in congregational unison, ‘blessed be we the torturers and let us make rectal feeding blood sacrifice unto our God of War. Bless the rendition sacrament and turn the water of detention unto Whine. Amen’!

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    • December 10, 2014 15:35

      We’ve always had a bunch of little 9/11’s to awaken the laboring classes to the evils that lurked just beyond our collective ability to comprehend. It worked alright. But Boeing, Lockheed, the banksters and the private armies grew restless, and without too much trouble from The New York Times and the Army’s Anthrax…we do indeed live in the world intended after the biggest 9/11 yet.

      Thanks Skulz. Appreciate you and the others who see what I see…


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