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Guantanamo’s Captives Are at Least as Confused as Tampa

August 29, 2012

As you can plainly see in the video, either some of the GOP’s operatives forgot their white sheets for Puerto Rico, or Ron Paul has really pissed off the boys back at Northrop Grumman and Google.

Google’s weapons aren’t nearly as bad as Northrop’s, but try telling that to Obama’s
Guantanamo captives.

The idiot son of a Bush has not yet been found in Tampa…though the idiot disasters of the son of a Bush, are still being adhered to by Obama.

Why the GOP in Tampa can’t see the BushBama captives in Guantanamo, for the opium trees in Vietghanistan…is lost upon whatever it is that happened to Janine Turner.

And that’s what Khalid Sheikh Mohammed said.

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