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China Sailed By

June 14, 2012

Reading is fundamental – understanding what we read is not.

26 concerned members of Congress, want President Obama to justify his droning of brown-skinned babies and women to death.   Never mind that it’s 2012.  Never mind that Norm Dicks’ isn’t one of the 26.  It’s the Bushesque defense of all things war-profiteering by the liberals…that I like best.

Read the article here – see the Bushesque defense in the comments.

That sure is a big ship.

Speaking of concerned Congress-humans – when 26 of them aren’t pretending to care about laws and stuff…they’re pushing for more forever-war – with yet another self-made enemy.

No it’s not Yemen – yes it is.  No it’s not Mexico – yes it is.  No it’s not the banking crimes in Spain, Greece or Detroit – yes it is.  No, this time it’s Iranwhy yes it is!

Hope floats – common sense can’t swim

Reading is fundamental – but basketball in Seattle is are is, even more ‘fundamentalery

All slow boats are from China

There are guns and sex in grade school, and there’s liberal drone bases not far from Sea Tac.  George Nethercutt is still free to write like he didn’t create the problem – sometimes Spokane rhymes with
Flint and or Michigan.

I didn’t know ships could sail here from there?

Droning for Obama is fundamental.

Like Guantanamo, Bagram and Abu Ghraib – you can’t have forever profit wars for Lockheed, Boeing and friends – if we’re not creating new enemies…for Boeing, Lockheed and friends.

The ships from China sail here daily.
Trickle-down economics at Cabela’s
Steve Ballmer and the Nordstroms…
save us from comprehending.

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  1. william wallace permalink
    June 14, 2012 11:35

    You are right of course / yet the outcome
    will bring a just result / such the lesson of
    history don’t ever feel that justice will fail.

    On a other matter should you place your
    worthy concentration t’will open a door to
    fayour greater understanding experience.

    On PC search put ( words of peace ) OR
    (words of peace global) on site selection
    of videos in which Prem Rawat / explains
    meditation // of ones turning the senses
    inward in a unfolding of the spiritual self.

    Not of ideas as beliefs / a paradise or a
    heaven beyond the clouds / but that of
    very practical spiritual experience which
    grants a clarity of understanding / which
    answering all questions to lifes purpose.

    Throughout the history of humanity there
    be spiritual teachers / among such be the
    “Teacher of Teachers” / in present times
    the teacher of teacher is Prem Rawat /he
    has dedicated his life to spiritual teaching
    that all whom seek know the spiritual self .

    Turning one’s senses inward is the final
    stage of development / taking one from
    ideas beliefs unto that of one’s knowing.


    • June 14, 2012 13:44

      I used to draw the ire of one side of the war supporting mire – then I drew the other. Now I barely draw at all.
      Which tells me I’m on to something.

      Your comment is well timed.
      Thank you and I shall take it to heart.


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