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Meat and Tobacco’s Number Two is Safe

June 13, 2012

Since the second in command at British Petroleum Norm Dicks’ al Qaeda won’t stay dead, President Obama has gone and taken a not so controversial turn – in the never-ending wars on whichever breaking evildoing news, ABC will report on next.

In other words…it only gets worse.

Funny in a conservative kind of way, that we never hear Seattle’s Dan Savage telling you that.

How many dead brown-skinned women and children does it take – for a tattooed hipster to step away from the PBR and join the Army?  How many brown-skinned prisons for profit does it take – for the aging Hispanics to stop voting with the Pope?  How many trillion-dollar ‘grifts‘ and billion-dollar gifts does it take – for those wallowing in the shallow end of gene pool, to understand that Bush really sucked at this?

The idiot Ann Coulter does ask: Where are the marching liberals?  Where are the democratic-run, war-profiteering tribunals?  And the idiot is right.

The answers, my friends, are in your poisoned tuna
and in your violent and still cash-strapped schools.

“Cheaper liquor’s” quicker – edumication and geography isn’t.

The answers are also on one of your teevee’s 324 channels.
It’s the one that’s labeled – “off”.

The answers are in any Homeland Security Sector
of which there are many.
Can you name three of them?

Answers can be found in the Conservative Nanny State
that Lockheed, Boeing and Erik Prince live in.
Here’s a hint – it’s every state
and then some.

The Seattle Thunder are in the Finals.  Had they moved to Spokane instead…you’d know who Randy Shaw was.

Meat and tobacco kill hundreds of thousands of Homelandian’s every year…yet their number two’s in command – are perfectly safe.

Number two’s can be stinky – Leon Panetta and Petraeus…
Costco sells a lot of ass wipe.

Blaming Bush was easy – he’s still in Texas
Costco sells a lot of ass wipe.

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